future dtlv projects

Here’s What to Expect from DTLV in the Near Future

A lot has happened since the Downtown Project started. Downtown Las Vegas has witnessed a complete transformation and recovery into something everybody can enjoy. And it’s only getting better. While we continue this upwards journey, here’s one future DTLV project after another. Future DTLV Project s Arts District plaza Downtown

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startup alcohol policies jet employee

Booze News: Jet Employees Can’t Drink?

If you’ve ever worked for a startup company, you may have experienced their slightly lax drinking policies. No, we’re not talking about drinking coffee—that would be a necessity. We’re talking booze, baby. Jet, an e-commerce tech startup located in Hoboken, New Jersey is no exception. In fact, they tend to

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alcohol in space

2001: A Beer Odyssey

Have you ever thought about drinking alcohol in space? We’re not talking about a champagne supernova in the sky, either. Yeah, not that crappy Oasis song, we’re talking about a real-life thing involving outer space and also alcohol—astronauts brewing and drinking beer in space. Because science. Why Are They Making

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horned lizard street art

DTLV Street Art Highlight: The Horned Lizard

Did you know horned lizards can squirt blood from its eyes? One Las Vegas street art mural from the Life is Beautiful festival shows us what that looks like up close—or rather, really largely. Belgian artist ROA, in association with JustKids, has blessed DTLV with another Downtown Las Vegas hot

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The Grand rooftop pool

The Best Rooftop Pool in Downtown Las Vegas

Throughout the beautiful history of Downtown Las Vegas, a few rooftop pools have come and gone. A couple still remain, but only one truly lives up to the style swimsuit-clad Las Vegas rooftop pool partiers expect. The Grand Pool Deck is everything you’d expect and more. Las Vegas starts summer

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first friday mural

First Friday at Downtown Las Vegas’ Arts District

Spring is on its way and you know what that means… No, not the squelching Las Vegas heat. It means that First Friday in Downtown Las Vegas’ Arts District is almost here. Get to Know First Friday First Friday is one of the largest arts and culture festivals in the

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spring cocktail recipes

Spring Cocktail Recipes [infographic]

Temperatures are finally rising around here and you know that means it’s time for some Las Vegas drinking! Leave the red wine and dark beer behind for a while and grab the ingredients for these fresh, spring cocktail recipes. Get Outside on a Vegas Pub Crawl The very best way

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Downtown Las Vegas DJ

Crawl to These Upcoming Downtown Las Vegas Events

Downtown Las Vegas hosts events constantly. We want to take you to them! Over the next few weeks, look forward to art events, rugby matches, and whiskey. Check out the best events in Downtown Las Vegas with Vegas Pub Crawler. Downtown Las Vegas Events You Should Check Out First Friday

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10 Bar Signs for People who Love to Drink

We have scoured the corners of the Internet to bring you the most encouraging bar signs ever. And by encouraging, we mean absolutely peer pressuring. The people writing these signs know exactly how to touch that little place in your heart that says “you deserve a drink.” Behold the Power

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Girls on a Vegas pub crawl

Reasons for a Downtown Las Vegas Pub Crawl

There are plenty of reasons for drinking in Vegas, and taking a Downtown Las Vegas pub crawl makes it even better. Once we started thinking about it, we even found some reasons that are even more motivational than that it’s daytime, it’s Tuesday, it’s nighttime, and “just because.” Great Reasons

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