How do I book and pay for a tour?

See the ‘Book Now’ on the home page. Use the calendar to navigate to your chosen date. Then use the drop down menu to see remaining time slots that are available that day. You will see ONLY tour times that have not been booked already. Simply enter your credit card information to pay in full.

Where do I start and end my Vegas Pub Crawler tour?

All tours start and end at Downtown 3rd in front of the Pizza Rock at 201 North 3rd Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101 between Stewart and Ogden.

How much is Vegas Pub Crawler?

Vegas Pub Crawler pricing can be found on the ‘Book Now’ link on the website.

Can my friends just pay when we all arrive?

Unfortunately, we need to ensure a full bike (much like a limousine) in order to operate it. Therefore, we need payment in full to know that the event will take place. Don’t worry, I’m sure the people you have booked for the event will pay you back on your credit card. After all, you are the second in charge (after the driver, of course).

Are there any drink specials at the bars and restaurants?

The Vegas Pub Crawler team has set up drink specials at most of the bars and restaurants. Drink specials are here and the driver will also have a drink special menu. Drink specials may change without notice. After all, they may run out of alcohol!


We have 2.5 hour blocks, which provide enough time to hit 3 to 4 establishments. We schedule a half hour between each tour to ensure we have enough time to off-board one group, clean the bike, decorate, and on-board the next. Please check the availability in the ‘Book Now’ section, hours are listed.

Can I book Vegas Pub Crawler for longer than 2 hours?

Yes, you can Book Vegas Pub Crawler longer for your special event, in multiple 2 hour blocks. Please check the availability in the ‘Book Now’ section, and book your consecutive time slots.

My friends are on Fremont Street and we want to book it, can I just jump on when I see Vegas Pub Crawler rolling by?

No, Vegas Pub Crawler always starts and ends at a designated spot, simply because a full crew is required to power the bike from point to point.

What food and drink can I bring onboard?

Alcohol is NOT permitted on Vegas Pub Crawler. Feel free to bring non-alcoholic beverages and munchies!

Are kegs allowed on board?


Can we order food from one of the stops so it is ready when we arrive at the bar and restaurant?

Yes, we have specials set up with a few of the establishments, please ask your Vegas Pub Crawler driver for a menu so we can order ahead for you. If you choose this option, please insist that your party arrives 30 minutes prior to your tour so you have a chance to look at the menus, order, and leave on time.

What should I bring for my tour?

We provide only Vegas Pub Crawler and driver, so bring items such as decorations, cups, ice, iPods, and pub-friendly food, like chips and pretzels.

Can I decorate Vegas Pub Crawler for my special event like a birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party, team building, etc.?

Yes, we encourage you to customize your experience. Please only allow a maximum of 15 minutes to decorate, so we can stay on time.

Can I bring my own music?

We provide a jack and speakers for your music playing device. There are some noise restrictions and the driver is always in control of the volume.

Do all riders need to be over 21 years of age?

Yes, all riders must be 21 or older.

I’m a group of 6 or less, can we still go?

Absolutely, please email us for details on how we can make that possible.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel 4 days or more from your tour date, and receive a full refund. You can also choose to move your booking and deposit to a future date with notice of 4 days or more. Your payment will be forfeited if you cancel your tour within 4 days of your scheduled date, but only if we are unable to book a new tour in your place. Pretty fair, we think.

Can we take drinks out of the bars?

Depending on the bar, but remember there is NO alcohol permitted on Vegas Pub Crawler.

What shoes do I need to wear?

Any shoe is permitted. However, the official shoe of Las Vegas, flip flops and stilettos, are not encouraged for this adventure. (If we had a dollar for every flip flop we had to chase down the street, we wouldn’t need patrons anymore.)

What if my friend is already intoxicated and they try to come on board?

Our drivers have the right to decline anyone to board Vegas Pub Crawler if he/she feels they are intoxicated and may cause injury to themselves or others on Vegas Pub Crawler. We expect that you will respect our decision and continue with the tour. We will gladly call them a cab to get back to their destination safely.

Do we tip our driver?

It’s Vegas, baby! We pay them good, but you tip them better. If they entertained you while on your journey, tip them, please! It’s how we keep good drivers around! (20% is customary)

What if we stay longer than we should at a bar?

Our policy is simply this: You have the bike for the two hours you booked. If you go beyond the two hours, please refer to our Damage/Late Return Policy.

What if the driver catches someone drinking on the bike?

The passenger that is caught drinking on the bike will immediately be removed. That person is responsible for finding a ride to their destination at that point. Sorry, no exceptions, this is a condition of our permit with the City of Las Vegas.

Can I drive Vegas Pub Crawler?

Thank you, but no. Our professional drivers know the routes and locations you need to be at. Just cycle with your friends, we will take care of the rest. If you want to apply for a job, please email us.

What if there’s bad weather?

Rarely do we run into bad weather here in Vegas. Our philosophy is, whether rain, wind, or shine, the Pub Crawler will survive.

Can we bring pets?

Sorry, no pets allowed. Fido and Fifi have to stay at home.

A few rules and comments on safety:

  • NO alcohol on Vegas Pub Crawler while on the public right-of-way
  • No glass containers on the bike
  • Your Vegas Pub Crawler driver is the boss, the primary renter is second in command, listen to them both
  • No leaving Vegas Pub Crawler or jumping off while in motion, planned and announced stops only
  • Respect our streets and our city, no littering, excess noise or general debauchery please
  • A trained Vegas Pub Crawler employee is the only individual who can drive the bike
  • Remember the smart and cautious comment above? We’ll quickly identify any excess alcohol consumption, and hit the secret eject button under the dashboard
  • Vegas Pub Crawler employees are not allowed to sell or serve you alcohol
  • All rules of the road apply to Vegas Pub Crawler while in motion, your driver will help everyone stick to them
  • If you have any questions regarding tour safety and the rules to follow, give us a call or see your driver before climbing aboard. The waiver and alcohol policy can be found above. Please see that everyone on your tour prints and signs both, and brings them on the day of your tour.