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Booze News: Jet Employees Can’t Drink?

If you’ve ever worked for a startup company, you may have experienced their slightly lax drinking policies. No, we’re not talking about drinking coffee—that would be a necessity. We’re talking booze, baby. Jet, an e-commerce tech startup located in Hoboken, New Jersey is no exception. In fact, they tend to be a little more lenient than the norm. That doesn’t change the fact that they passionately feel startup alcohol policies are being threatened.

This is Booze News.

What Are Startup Alcohol Policies?

There’s nothing wrong with a little celebration after a long day or week of work. That, essentially, is the philosophy of startup alcohol policies. Startups are a byproduct of the old meeting the new: the way things used to be in the workforce met halfway by millennials who celebrate their talents with some bubbly or a cold brew.

With that said, it doesn’t sound half bad.

In fact, baby companies like Jet believe in relieving stress, as long as you don’t drink to excessive levels. That’s right, working at marketing startup with booze is nothing like the perception of Sterling Cooper from Mad Men. It’s pretty self-contained and safe (otherwise, it just wouldn’t be a thing).

What’s the deal with Jet?

Superstore giant Wal-Mart recently purchased Jet, which is only a three-year-old startup company. To Jet’s ultimate surprise, the half-century aged old timer Wal-Mart wasn’t too keen of them drinking on the job.

So they dumped their liquor supplies down the drain.

Alcohol isn’t the vice of everyone, but what about swearing? That’s right… they also banned swearing. That’s where people start to criticize Wal-Mart a bit. When it stops sounding like they’re trying to keep their newly adopted business children safe and free from liabilities, and more like they’re treating them like actual children… well, people start to get a little uncomfortable with the idea.

What did Jet do?


Yup, they weren’t having it, apparently. After Wal-Mart put an end to their weekly happy hour event, Jet fought the big guys by bringing back their happy hour with a vengeance.

The two companies had been in a feud for quite a while, until…

The outcome

Wal-Mart decided that companies like Jet should enjoy their perks. Afterall, tech-startups and e-commerce jobs are high-stress jobs that need a few more perks than your typical 9-5 job.

Wal-Mart ultimately became the good guys at the end. Don’t you love happy endings?

Treat Your Employees to a Corporate Night out

You don’t have startup alcohol policies, do you? Well, your workers are probably thinking “Why can employees drink at Jet but we can’t?” Now’s the time to give them exactly what they want. Take your employees to Las Vegas and have a DTLV corporate event to show them how much you appreciate them.