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More Creative Themes for Your Vegas Pub Crawl

Once upon a time, we gave you some ideas on how to personalize your Vegas pub crawl with a theme. It’s a fun way to get your friends even more into the spirit of a night out together in Downtown Las Vegas. You can even decorate your pub cycle to

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celebratory cheers

Bring Your Tourist Friends Downtown for a Pub Crawl

Living in a tourist city like Las Vegas is a special experience. Many people make our city an escape and vacation destination. If your friends are visiting Vegas for the first time, chances are their plan is to have you tag along while they walk up and down the Strip

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Classic Cocktail Recipes

It isn’t quite time to grab ingredients for spring cocktails, but these classic cocktail recipes are here to get you through these cold nights. Rediscover the martini, manhattan, and mojito. Add your own twists to these classic recipes and let us know how your improved them!   You could also

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The Griffin Las Vegas Bar

Grab Yourself an Old Fashioned at The Griffin

Have you ever wanted to have a nice chill inside of a castle with your friends? Yeah, us too. We haven’t exactly accomplished it, but we’ve gotten close. The Griffin in Downtown Las Vegas meets that deep-down castle need within every princess and knight. Meet Us at The Griffin Las

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DTLV event

Crawl to These Upcoming Downtown Las Vegas Events

Downtown Las Vegas hosts events constantly. Let us take you to them! Over the next few weeks, look forward to dance events, literature events, and football. Check out the best ones you should see with Vegas Pub Crawler. Downtown Las Vegas Events You Should Check Out January 20 8 PM–1

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Keep up with Your Favorite Beers with the Untappd App

With thousands of beers out there, trying to keep track of your likes and dislikes without the Untappd app can be tough. Craft beers have become a recent trend that won’t be going away anytime soon. Many bars and pubs in Downtown Las Vegas are serving more craft beers and

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Brunch in Downtown Las Vegas

Sundays get a bad rap sometimes. Sunday notes the end of the weekend, and it gets you thinking about the long work week you have ahead of you. Luckily, there is a big, sparkling bright spot on Sundays that will help get your mind of the negative: brunch! Check out

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Tumblr Posts that Show How Much People Love Drinking

Need a reason to love people who drink? And people who Tumbl? Here at Vegas Pub Crawler, we enjoy everything that has anything to showing appreciation to that little thing we call Liquid Courage. We’ve put together some of the best Tumblr posts from people who really love drinking. The

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3 Best Restaurants after a Pub Crawl

Food magically tastes so much better after one or five drinks, am I right? This theory works especially well if the food is greasy and/or cheesy. Downtown Las Vegas has loads of food options, but we found the top three best late-night spots to check out after your trip with

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