10 Bar Signs for People who Love to Drink

We have scoured the corners of the Internet to bring you the most encouraging bar signs ever. And by encouraging, we mean absolutely peer pressuring. The people writing these signs know exactly how to touch that little place in your heart that says “you deserve a drink.”

Behold the Power of the Chalkboard Bar Sign


This bar, apparently, has fully-frozen beer.


You don’t want to be a bad friend, do you?


This must be a common condition. That same thing happens to us!


Straight logic at this bar.


Cycle your way through downtown, mourning the better things you do not have.


EVERYONE wants to be a pirate and you know it!


Science, my friends. You cannot argue with science.


Is twerking still a thing? Let’s make it not a thing.


Not exactly the drinking food we’d recommend, but it sounds authentic!


This bar sign is really just looking out for you.

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