Free Things to do in Downtown Las Vegas

The idea that “you need money to have fun in Las Vegas” is a myth! There are a lot of lists out there which give you an idea of some of the free things to do in Las Vegas. However, a lot of times these lists are jam packed with

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first friday las vegas

5 Reasons to Check Out First Friday in Downtown Las Vegas

As you can probably imagine, there are plenty of Las Vegas activities to keep you interested for a while. We’ve got activities for days. It’s Vegas, after all. But you know we’ll always go on record to say that downtown Las Vegas does it better than anywhere else. In fact,

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troubled man

DTLV Street Art Highlight: Troubled Lover

D*Face is back with another piece. We’ve talked about his tribute to Hunter S. Thompson, but there’s one character that was harder to write about: he didn’t have a particular name. Not so much looming over DTLV, but rather sulking over it, the big blue man can be seen a

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shepard fairey

DTLV Street Art Highlight: Shepard Fairey Mural

There are so many awesome sites to see in Downtown Las Vegas—a lot of artwork. We’re speaking, of course, about the always interesting, always wonderful DTLV street art. Artists from all over the world have left their mark in our city, big and small. You can still see some of

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grossest alcohol

10 Grossest Alcoholic Drinks in the World

The first time drinking alcohol is always an interesting experience. We’re not too fond of the taste, right? Whether your drink of choice is whiskey, rum, beer, or whatever, it tends to grow on you eventually. You may even learn to love the taste. However, some drinks, even in the

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las vegas street art snail skull

DTLV Street Art Highlight: Snail Skull

A giant slug and a smoking skull with a birds nest carved out of it. How do these things connect? At the back, apparently. Life is Beautiful is just a couple months away, so let’s take another look at one of our favorite pieces of Las Vegas street art. Las

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las vegas street art

DTLV Street Art Highlight: The Art Motel

Since the Town Lodge Motel closed in Downtown Las Vegas, it has turned into a bit of an urban showcase. The motel itself is considered to be an art museum, having been the canvas for more than 100 artists. Amongst the Las Vegas street art for the Life is Beautiful

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horned lizard street art

DTLV Street Art Highlight: The Horned Lizard

Did you know horned lizards can squirt blood from its eyes? One Las Vegas street art mural from the Life is Beautiful festival shows us what that looks like up close—or rather, really largely. Belgian artist ROA, in association with JustKids, has blessed DTLV with another Downtown Las Vegas hot

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container park

Reasons to Visit Downtown Las Vegas Container Park

Have you ever thought about what a bunch of shipping containers would look like if converted into a shopping district? Right here in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, you can experience the genius level design that is Container Park. Why You Should Stop by Container Park Las Vegas Looking

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