friends enjoying drinks

6 Spectacular Tips for Surviving a Summer Pub Crawl

Nothing says “fun” like a night of flowing alcohol and debauchery. You get that on a pub crawl with friends in Las Vegas. But if you have never been on one of these interactive and entertaining evenings of frolic, you may need some bar crawl tips to make sure you

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booking with vegas pub crawler

4 Easy Steps to booking Your Downtown Las Vegas Pub Crawl

If you’ve been to Downtown Las Vegas, chances are you’ve seen our cycle pub making its way through the streets, loaded with people excited to hit the bars of DTLV. With music blasting and the cycle decked out, traveling around Downtown for a Las Vegas bar crawl is the ultimate

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best whiskey brands

All the Best Whiskey Brands

Whiskey is the preferred drink by many avid drinkers. It’s aromatic and strong tasting and usually does great at getting the job done—getting drunk, that is. So what are the best whiskey brands? When you go to the bar and “have what he’s having,” what are the most popular brands

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lower alcohol tax

Booze News: Lower Alcohol Tax

Good news for alcohol fans! We’ve officially seen a lower alcohol tax law set in motion! Republican senators, with all their recent tax fiddling, have proposed a very significant tax reduction for your favorite spirits—liquor, beer, and wine. As of December 2017, it’s official. What does all this mean? Let’s

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dtlv attire

What to Wear on Your Winter Vegas Pub Crawl

By no means is there a dress code in downtown Las Vegas. In fact, you’ll see a huge variety of different cultures, celebrating different occasions with people of literally any age. In case you didn’t know, eccentricities are bit celebrated here. Regardless, if you’re looking for ideas of what to

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