About Us

You’ve likely stumbled upon Vegas Pub Crawler while on a search to find something worth doing in Las Vegas. Congrats! You found something definitely worth doing in Las Vegas. More specifically, in downtown Las Vegas, where the drinks are cheaper and so is the fun. This is where Vegas Pub Crawler dwells.

Here’s everything you need to know about Vegas Pub Crawler.

What is Vegas Pub Crawler?

Russell Davis started Vegas Pub Crawler a few years back as a way to get the community together in DTLV in a fun, unique way. Being the first of its kind, Vegas Pub Crawler has become a popular staple in the downtown area.

The “Pub Crawl,” unlike other bar hopping experiences, involves a little bit of footwork from the party-goers. Yes, it’s a “bus” that involves pedals. You and a group of six others will have to pedal your way to each bar on your nightly itinerary.

What else does it offer?

Well, once you get to the bars of your group’s choice, you are then presented with awesome drink specials and discounts. Since you will be travelling to multiple bars in one night, we recommend only one drink per bar, because you’ve got quite a night ahead of you.

Also, make sure you finish your drink in the bar because drinks are not allowed on the vehicle. But feel free to bring your buzz along without having to worry about driving while drunk.

We recommend you take a cab or an Uber to the meet up spot at 201 N 3rd St. Las Vegas, NV 89101, and let loose!

People love it!

The response from the community has been very positive as people of all ages find time to party with us in DTLV. Teachers, nurses, emergency responders, etc—even people visiting from out of town prioritize the Pub Crawl!

If you’re a local and you’re looking for new Vegas activities, you’ve probably partied with us before. If not, what are you waiting for? Email us RideWithUs@VegasPubCrawler.com or book here!