hangover cures

Top 5 Hangover Cures

We’ll be the first to admit that drinking definitely has a major downside. If you’ve had a fun night, chances are you’re going to wake up with a hangover. The older you get, the more hangovers you get, even if you decidedly take it easy while partying DTLV style. But

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most expensive drinks

3 of The Most Expensive Drinks in Las Vegas

Having a night on the town in Las Vegas comes with certain expectations. For example, you know you’re gonna get smashed; you’ll probably also end up spending a pretty penny. That just comes with the territory, my guy. After all, Vegas is known for glitz, glamour, luxury, and flash. Having

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holiday drinks

5 Festive Ho Ho Holiday Drinks

Cool weather is setting in here in Las Vegas, officially kicking off the holiday season. What better way to get into the spirit than with some yuletide drinks? We’ve gathered our favorite holiday drinks to order at your favorite Downtown Las Vegas spots. We’ve also included the ingredients, so you

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atmospheric alcohol

Poof! Scientists Pull Alcohol out of Thin Air!

Wow! Science is awesome! Especially when it involves fun things we enjoy—like alcohol, for example. Scientists have discovered one of the future ways of drinking by making alcohol out of thin air! This atmospheric alcohol is more than that, though. The Future Is Now: Atmospheric Alcohol Apparently, when scientists are

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drinking responsibly in las vegas

The Safest Ways to Drink in Las Vegas

Drinking alcohol comes with a certain amount of risk—especially when you’re in Las Vegas, a city where anything can happen. You need to be extra careful. While drinking alcohol on the Strip or Downtown Las Vegas is on almost everybody’s to-do at some point in their lives, before you go,

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grossest alcohol

10 Grossest Alcoholic Drinks in the World

The first time drinking alcohol is always an interesting experience. We’re not too fond of the taste, right? Whether your drink of choice is whiskey, rum, beer, or whatever, it tends to grow on you eventually. You may even learn to love the taste. However, some drinks, even in the

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