Specialty Pub Crawl Tours in Las Vegas

Pub Crawler Specialty Tours in Las Vegas

With Vegas Pub Crawler, you have the ability to specialize your Downtown Las Vegas pub crawl for any occasion. Make your time with us unique and unforgettable by dressing up for a themed bar crawl and decking out the 15 person pub cycle however you would like. Here are some examples of specialized tours for your next Downtown Las Vegas pub crawl.

Las Vegas Pub Crawler Specialty Tours

Midnight Madness

Private parties only. The tour begins at 11:45 pm, just before you turn into a pumpkin. We do this tour for a reason… The Midnight Madness Tour will show you Downtown Las Vegas after midnight when a different crowd, vibe and experience takes place. You will see a totally different side of East Fremont Street under the neon lights when you mingle with a much more exclusive crowd that you don’t get during the day. Not only will you see a different and wilder side of tourists to “people watch”, but you’ll also get to mingle and see the locals that make the town go round. Some of the bars have a different vibe to them that go from more of a conversation experience to a livelier music and intimate dancefloor experience. After the tour you may find yourself going dancing at a bar like the Griffin or Lucky Day or Commonwealth.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Vegas Pub Crawler offers the only pub crawl experience for your bachelor party or bachelorette party in Las Vegas. All the same spots on our Downtown Bars and Restaurants page, so gather up your groomsmen or bridesmaids and hit the streets of Downtown Las Vegas in style. Decorate the pub cycle with all your festive party favors and let everyone know why you are celebrating the bachelor party or bachelorette party with Vegas Pub Crawler.
You’ll get a traditional bike peddling pub tour with all your friends that will add to your pre-wedding experience of freedom while in Las Vegas!

Corporate Events

Show your employees a fun night out on the town with Vegas Pub Crawler. Nothing says office camaraderie like cycling through Downtown Las Vegas together and sharing a pint with your boss. We will show you all the great spots to continue your fun with co-workers after the tour ends as well.
Most office space is in all the areas surrounding Downtown Las Vegas, so you and your office will get the best tour of the mix of the businesses (and you don’t have to work while they are working) downtown as well as all the fun with the bars that you visit. Stop by the Gold Spike and play a couple games, before heading over the Triple George for a little bit of an office like setting, or go the opposite direction and hit Hogs and Heifers next door and let loose however you want.
Regardless of what you end up doing, Vegas Pub Crawler specializes in Corporate Outings and getting you and your company and your co-workers out of the conventional office party and lets your entire staff and colleagues have fun out on the Streets of Downtown Las Vegas.


No matter how old you are turning, we are going to party like it is your 21 birthday again. Bring a music device with some of your favorite tunes and rock out on your Downtown Las Vegas pub crawl. Celebrate with a few birthday drinks at your favorite bars.

We do countless weddings, being that Las Vegas is the Wedding Capital of the world, so whether it is before your wedding or after your wedding, bring your friends and family Downtown and take a tour around Downtown Las Vegas and let loose and relax with our amazing tours. We can bring you by a couple wedding chapels downtown as well, so if you are undecided, what better way to find out where you are going to get married with a great tour of bar hopping around your possible wedding spot.

Our Anniversary tours are just as amazing as all of our tours. Don’t make your anniversary just like all the others. Grab your friends and have a unique bike pedal experience in the heart of old Las Vegas, and get your birthday to stand out like no other with decorating the pedal bike as well and be the center of attention, not just in your part, but in Downtown Las Vegas!

You don’t need an excuse to take a fun filled adventure through Downtown Las Vegas. Wherever you would like to go or for whatever occasion, Vegas Pub Crawler will take you there. For more information, email