The Grand rooftop pool

The Best Rooftop Pool in Downtown Las Vegas

Throughout the beautiful history of Downtown Las Vegas, a few rooftop pools have come and gone. A couple still remain, but only one truly lives up to the style swimsuit-clad Las Vegas rooftop pool partiers expect. The Grand Pool Deck is everything you’d expect and more.

Las Vegas starts summer early and quickly. Now is the time to scout out your go-to pool spot. You’re going to want to visit The Grand Pool Deck. You can mingle with Las Vegas elite while enjoying a casual atmosphere.

The Best Rooftop Pools: What to Expect at The Grand Pool Deck


This rooftop pool deck did an absolutely perfect job of capturing the pool party style of Las Vegas and combining it with Downtown Las Vegas’ creative, relaxed attitude. Guests can lounge on the spring green couches or standard pool chairs surrounding the pool. Umbrellas sprinkled throughout the deck provide essential shade from the intense mid-day summer sun of Las Vegas.


In addition to standard rooftop pool activities, guests can play a handful of tailgating games like ping pong or cornhole. If you’re looking for the best rooftop pools in Las Vegas for people who don’t wear high heels to the pool, The Grand Pool Deck is perfect for you.

Snacks and drinks

The poolside grill, Citrus, offers grilled items, light offerings, and sweet treats for pool goers to enjoy throughout the day. Citrus provides a full bar and snacks made with the ingredients they grow in their poolside organic herb gardens.

A Day by the Pool Is the Perfect Pregame

Spend the day at the rooftop pool at The Grand. Relax. Enjoy games, snacks, and drinks. And then head down to street level to catch a ride on the Vegas Pub Crawler you booked for yourself and all your favorite friends. A Downtown Las Vegas day wouldn’t be complete without a tour around the area on a cycle pub. Our guides will take you to the best bars in DTLV and provide an experience you won’t soon forget… no matter how much you drink.