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Top 5 Best Bars in Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas is known for its spectacular attractions, including neon lights, gambling in old fashioned hotels, nightlife, iconic landmarks, and art that stretches across buildings. The most underrated part of Downtown Las Vegas are the amount of unique bars that are scattered around the area. 

There are so many bars that we will bet even Las Vegas locals haven’t visited them all. The problem you’re going to run into when visiting Downtown Las Vegas isn’t finding a fun bar, it’s choosing which out of the many bars to visit.

If it is your first time in Downtown Las Vegas you need to know how nightlife Downtown works. Firstly, if you are a guy, expect to have to pay a cover charge to get into every bar you go to, that’s just the way it works. If you’re a girl, you’re going to get free entry most nights, the only time you might have to pay is during holiday weekends.

The second thing to know is that every bar won’t be full of people on the weekdays and before 9-10pm, so plan accordingly. We would recommend bringing cash and your ID and safely store them in a bag just in case you run into any problems during the night. The last thing to know is that the best way to do Downtown is to do a pub crawl with your friends. If you can’t choose between any of these bars, go bar hopping to all of them throughout the night. 

Here’s our opinion on the Top 5 best bars in Downtown Las Vegas (not in any particular order)

commonwealth las vegas bar

All of our friends and we find ourselves constantly ending up at CommonWealth. This bar is very classic, it doesn’t have anything that you wouldn’t find at a bar in any other city. However, this is why everyone loves CommonWealth, it’s timeless. There’s the fun crowd, the live DJ, and a rooftop area which overlooks Fremont Street.

Gold Spike Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas

You are going to have to bring your more outgoing and spontaneous friends to Gold Spike. Just beside the Oasis Hotel, this bar has an indoor section, but is famous for its outdoor area. If you are looking for novelty, Gold Spike has to be on your bar hopping list because the backyard bar has live music, lively people, food trucks, and party games such as Jenga, beer pong, corn hole, and a lot more.


You are going to want to be excited to visit OddFellows. This bar is separated into two sections, a bar up front, and a room in the back that has a dance floor, dancing people, a giant screen, and a live DJ. All sorts of music is played at OddFellows, make sure to plan a date when your group likes the music that’s playing that night.

Because there’s a lot of different music themes, I’ve actually found that you get a lot of mixed crowds and experiences at OddFellows. However, that shouldnt deter you from coming because with the right friends any night can be a blast. If worst comes to worst, you can always go bar hopping to another bar on this list.

The Griffin Las Vegas Bar

The Griffin

You aren’t going to find many bars in the world like The Griffin. If you are looking for a more laid-back, old Vegas nightlife experience, The Griffin is the perfect bar to visit.

There is a DJ and a dancefloor if you are feeling it, but the bar itself has a fireplace in the middle of it and you can find seating everywhere in The Griffin. When we go to this bar, we have the most fun sharing a drink with my friends and having good conversations rather than dancing to loud music.

We all Scream

This bar IS the party scene. We All Scream is a new bar in Downtown Las Vegas that our friends and we have been going to more than every other bar on this list. This bar has three different stories to bounce between, with an ice cream parlor, a rooftop dance floor that overlooks Fremont Street, DJ’s, young people, and spectacular neon artwork. 

We All Scream has an electric atmosphere, so come prepared with fun friends who are looking for a good time. When it comes to the party scene in Downtown Las Vegas, this is the best it gets if you aren’t going to The Strip.

Bar Hopping with VegasPubCrawler

There are so many unique bars Downtown, you would have to visit Vegas 100 times to see them all. If you look hard enough you will find crazy bars such as Nacho Daddy, that serves scorpions with their drinks, or Hogs n Heifers, that is the reason people say “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, or even The Underground, which is an old school Prohibition themed bar with secret rooms. In Downtown Las Vegas you will find bars that can only exist, in Las Vegas.

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