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Top 5 Hangover Cures

We’ll be the first to admit that drinking definitely has a major downside. If you’ve had a fun night, chances are you’re going to wake up with a hangover. The older you get, the more hangovers you get, even if you decidedly take it easy while partying DTLV style. But if you’re older, you might know a trick or two to alleviate some of that hangover awfulness. If not, here are some of the more tried and true hangover cures that seem to work well enough.

The Best Hangover Cures

1. Greasy goodness

If you think you can get it down (and keep it down), a big greasy breakfast may be all you need to get right back up. Bacon and burgers are a go-to. The grease will coat your stomach and protect it from the toxins your liver is putting out. Also, there’s nothing a good bit of bacon can’t fix. Really. Look it up. We’ve got some great DTLV spots for the perfect greasy meal.

2. Hair of the dog

It’s pretty much a terrible idea and usually just postpones the hangover. However, having a Bloody Mary the morning after a night out could provide the relief you need. Hangovers are caused by a few different things your body does to get rid of alcohol. Having a drink slows the process of alcohol leaving your blood.

3. Alka-seltzer

Does anyone know what Alka-Seltzer was actually made for? We don’t. However, we do know that it contains baking soda that helps settle a queasy stomach. All hangover cures have to be tested by your body to know if they are a good choice for you, but this one especially. The tablets contain citric acid and aspirin, which could help your headache or irritate your stomach.

The New Kids on the Block

4. Vitamin drinks

Hangover scientists have created drinks that are packed full of vitamins that work to neutralize the threat of acids produced by the liver. There are versions made to consume while you’re still drinking and some that are for the day after. They’re easy to find at convenient stores throughout downtown Las Vegas. They have the potential to do away with all of your college-tested hangover cures.

5. IV hangover therapy

In most cities, including Las Vegas, some clinics specialize in IV drips made to cure your hangover. Most of these services are provided either in an office, mobile office, or in your home or hotel. The IVs come in different versions to give hydration and vitamins for nausea, pain, or illness prevention. Technically, these places can be used to cure illnesses, but that’s not usually our priority.

Try a New Hangover Cure AFTER a Night with the Vegas Pub Crawler!

Book your DTLV pub crawl today and give yourself a reason to try one of these hangover cures! Your guide might even have a secret cure to share with you that he swears by.