container park

Reasons to Visit Downtown Las Vegas Container Park

Have you ever thought about what a bunch of shipping containers would look like if converted into a shopping district? Right here in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, you can experience the genius level design that is Container Park.

container park

Why You Should Stop by Container Park Las Vegas

Looking for places to go in Downtown Las Vegas? Head down to 707 Fremont Street, and you’ll be greeted by a 30-foot long fire-spouting praying mantis, but don’t be intimidated. Just beyond that, you’ll get to see what we mean when we describe it as post-apocalyptic repurposing done right.

The shops

From apparel to home decor, Container Park’s open-air shopping center provides you the perfect opportunity to support local small businesses while experiencing something truly unique and purely Las Vegas. Every shop is maintained and run by their owners within repurposed shipping containers and locally made Xtreme Cubes.

Family-friendly environment

Bring your kids down to Container Park, and you don’t have to worry about any adult themes. One of the biggest attractions at Container Park is the Treehouse. It’s an adventurous and creativity-inducing play area that involves gaming, building blocks, and a 33-foot-tall slide.

The restaurants and bars

It wouldn’t be a Downtown Las Vegas experience if there weren’t bars in Container Park. Each restaurant is completely unique to the area and offers a wide variety of food from BBQ to tacos. Bin 702 is a popular location for wine, cocktails, and sandwiches. This is the place to taste Las Vegas in a brand new presentation.

The Downtown Experience Done Right

Container Park is located on Fremont street, not too far from the bar hopping experience. Plan a night with the Vegas Pub Crawler, then make your way to Container Park to enjoy the environment.