troubled man

DTLV Street Art Highlight: Troubled Lover

D*Face is back with another piece. We’ve talked about his tribute to Hunter S. Thompson, but there’s one character that was harder to write about: he didn’t have a particular name. Not so much looming over DTLV, but rather sulking over it, the big blue man can be seen a block away. We’re finally giving this character a name: the Troubled Man.

Famous DTLV Murals: The Troubled Man

The Life is Beautiful festival always brings in artists from all over. Not just music artists, but creators of awesome DTLV street art that sticks around all year long. The Troubled Man has stuck around for a few years now—since 2013, in fact.

Located on 7th street, this piece of Las Vegas art was created by D*Face with the Rise Above street art program

“I gave her my heart and she left me for…”

The Troubled Man, or Troubled Lover, leans melancholic on the awning of an old hotel. In front of him, an empty glass. To the side, his sad thoughts appear in a pop-art comic book thought bubble. It says “I gave her my heart, and she left me for…”

It doesn’t say whom, but it doesn’t matter. It’s Vegas and it’s on the side of an old hotel. This troubled man could represent millions of lost lovers in this party-focused town. That’s the beauty of it.

You’ll also notice that half of his face is gone. This could easily refer to the fact that he’s lost something, maybe even “his other half.”

This darkly humorous and somber piece is actually one of Las Vegas’ most famous pieces of street art. You may have seen it around, or have seen pictures of it. But now you know what it’s called.

Check Out the Art Yourself

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