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5 Reasons to Check Out First Friday in Downtown Las Vegas

As you can probably imagine, there are plenty of Las Vegas activities to keep you interested for a while. We’ve got activities for days. It’s Vegas, after all. But you know we’ll always go on record to say that downtown Las Vegas does it better than anywhere else. In fact, there’s one day out of every month that might be the most fun day of them all. Have you heard of First Friday?  

Just Some Reasons to Check out First Friday

1. The art

We love art at Vegas Pub Crawler. We get to see it all day with all the fantastic DTLV street art pieces and the artists themselves who set up shop here. But during First Friday, you can experience a totally unique art viewing… experience.

It’s called the First Friday Art Walk and people travel from all over to experience it. After some funding issues, the art walk disappeared for a while. But we’re happy to say it’s back for good.

2. The people

There’s no better crowd than the DTLV crowd. That is an objectively true statement proven by our own personal researchers. So why wouldn’t you want to go to First Friday when they all come together to simply celebrate living in Las Vegas?

Everyone here is on the same page. They want to see the strange people, experience the art, the music, and the reasonably priced drinks. Some people just come here to enjoy the vibes. That’s why even the Vegas locals find a reason to have fun during First Friday.

3. The music

Las Vegas is a great city for music, bottom line. But if you’re ever wondering when and where you can see some live performances from some local bands, First Friday is your event. Located at the Fremont Street Experience where the sky is an LED light show, the stage is usually set up between The D and 4 Queens. But make sure to get here a bit early if you want a good spot in the crowd.

Seriously, though—it gets crazy around performance time so plan ahead a little bit.

4. The city

First Friday is a way to celebrate Las Vegas and that means we just get drunk, gamble, and dance. We do those things better than any other city on Earth, so what more do you need? A formal invitation? You’re invited!

First Friday is a great way for you to show support for your community simply but just being there. It’s the purest Vegas experience in town and it’s a free event.

5. The pub crawl

Well, of course, we’re going to promote ourselves in our own blog. It’s only because we believe in ourselves. If you ever needed an excuse to ride with us, it’s First Friday. This event has a tendency to bring the party out in everyone, so First Friday is almost a guarantee you’re going to see some pretty wild, fun stuff.

That’s where we can come in. We provide you the vehicle and the drink discounts, so you can enjoy the art, the music, and the people while you’re being taken care of. If you’re not thirsty for some cheap drinks and loud music by now, the fun part of your brain isn’t working.

Spend First Friday with Vegas Pub Crawler

We love First Friday and we love you too. Let Vegas Pub Crawler tell you all the ways you’ll have fun any Friday, as long as you ride with us! Seriously, you should really consider booking now.