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Bring Your Tourist Friends Downtown for a Pub Crawl

Living in a tourist city like Las Vegas is a special experience. Many people make our city an escape and vacation destination. If your friends are visiting Vegas for the first time, chances are their plan is to have you tag along while they walk up and down the Strip and spend way too much money on food and drinks. Take them out for a pub crawl where the Las Vegas locals go.

Things to Do in Las Vegas with Your Tourist Friends

There’s more to our city than the Strip

One Las Vegas local says, “There’s plenty to do on the Strip, but the traffic is atrocious and walking the Strip is tiring. You feel more like sheep being herded into the next casino where the cocktails are $30 each. It’s not the most fun way to give back to my city.”

So where do Las Vegas locals go to have their own fun? How do we give our guests an experience worth having after we drive them to see the lights on the Strip?

celebratory cheersGet downtown for the real Vegas experience

Downtown Las Vegas has been transforming over the last few years into a cultural and artistic hub to explore, shop, and party without breaking the bank. It’s authentic and full of friendly locals who are making it the new hot spot. It’s a great place for Vegas tourists to visit, also.

After all, downtown is where Las Vegas was born. And it’s where it is starting to come alive once again! If your friends have vacationed in Las Vegas before, show them a different side to the city. Give a new and uniquely memorable experience by doing a pub crawl through Downtown Las Vegas.

Surprise Your Visitors with a Vegas Pub Crawl

With Vegas Pub Crawler, you take your group of friends downtown to ride a giant bicycle with a tour guide as they take you to four to six bars and restaurants in downtown. Pick the places you want to go, like the Atomic Liquors, Las Vegas’s oldest bar, and soak in the rich history of Downtown Las Vegas.
Your friends will take home some special memories that are different from the memories of every other person who has visited Las Vegas. Check availability and book a crawl for the next time you have friends in town.