Things You’ll Do in Downtown Las Vegas after a Pub Crawl

When walking through Downtown Las Vegas in a proper state of mind, it’s hard not to wonder if people really enjoy all the crazy things that happen there. After a pub crawl, you understand that they absolutely do and so do you!

Some Things in Downtown Las Vegas are Best Enjoyed Drunk

vpcdrunkactivitiesDancing to the live music on Freemont Street

It’s always nice to see a live band. It feels good to nod along as you walk by. Once you’ve completed a visit with Vegas Pub Crawler, however, it is AWESOME to see a live band in DTLV. You now have a free pass to dance your heart out. You can dance it out right there with all the tourists.


It doesn’t matter if the band is playing traditional Irish tunes or covering an Elvis classic. You now have the freedom to splay your arms and twirl like the true dancer you are!

Finding excitement in slot machines

Slot machines have lights and sounds, but sitting and pressing the one button repeatedly gets old pretty quickly. Once you’re drinking in Vegas, it’s suddenly very exciting to ALMOST win. The flashes and dings of the machine bring out joyful shouts from you and your friends.


After a little time in Las Vegas, gambling stops being entertaining. A pre-casino pub crawl can bring the fun back!

Buying beloved Las Vegas souvenirs

It’s time to be a tourist in your own city! You thought wearing a neon Las Vegas T-shirt wasn’t for you? Wrong! Suddenly it is a very necessary part of your wardrobe. Pair it with a new poker visor, and you’re set.


When you do pub crawls to Downtown Las Vegas, the souvenir shops on every corner become irresistible! We suggest you stick to the souvenir shops full of things like plastic shot glasses. The ones with nicer things usually have a “you break it, you buy it” policy.

Experience Downtown Las Vegas the Right Way

Book your specialty tour today to experience the lights, music, and goodies of Downtown Las Vegas. We absolutely support your dancing, gambling, and new neon outfit.