What to Wear on a Cold Pub Crawl

Las Vegas is either blazing hot or freezing cold, but we can’t let the weather stop us from our Downtown Las Vegas pub crawls! Now that temperatures are dropping, adjust your wardrobe and get Downtown! We are here to provide you with fashion advice for this transition (we’re qualified, trust us).

Tips for a Cold Pub Crawl

Layers are everything

When you’re on a pub crawl, you’re in and out of heated buildings. You’re drinking delicious drinks. You’re having a great time—dancing? Your Winter Clothesbody temperature is going to be all over the place, so focus on pieces you can take off when you get hot and bundle up in when you’re cold. We suggest scarves, thin under-layers, and cardigans.

Coat check will save you

Bring cash for the coat check! You are barely one bit cooler holding your coat than you are wearing it. Plus, you look like a total party pooper. Check your coat (pro tip: run your scarf down the sleeve of your coat before you give it up, so they stay together) and enjoy yourself!

Bring out the Christmas socks

Okay, they don’t really have to be Christmas socks, but it helps keep things festive. The real reason for the socks, besides festivity, is two-fold. They keep your toes warm when you’re outside, and they absorb sweat when you’re inside. There’s no downside!

Hats: not for the commitment-fearing

A hat can keep your noggin warm and add a little something extra to your outfit. The drawback here is depending on your hair type, hats can require a full-night commitment. If you think back to all the possible reasons for temperature fluctuation, a hat is a risky move unless you are the king or queen of commitment—be it to the hat or to the consequences of taking the hat off.

Now that you’ve got your outfit planned, book your crawl!

We want to take you all over Downtown Las Vegas, look at your Christmas socks, and see who is brave enough to don a hat! Book your specialty tour today!