hop stoopid

VPC Featured Beer of the Month: Hop Stoopid

The beer of the month is Hop Stoopid. No need to be coy about it, dummy. Because when something is so up front with its flavor, they just come right out and say it: “Hop Stoopid.” What else could it be? Let’s take a taste of this featured beer of the month.

Hop Stoopid

We’re all familiar with Lagunita at this point, right? They’re a company not known for slapping fancy titles on their bottles of beer. No sleek designs or heavy use of colors. No, they’d rather stick with originality, familiarity, and, most of all, “pure uncategorical easiness.”  

That’s part of the charm, sure—but their whole thing is it’s all about the beer. Duh, right? And who doesn’t enjoy Lagunitas?

If perhaps not—may we recommend the Hop Stoopid?

What makes it so yum?

If you love hops, then duh, you’ll love this. But what separates Hop Stoopid from regular Lagunitas is the freshness. The process of which they extract the hops is a little different with this one…

With fancy science equipment and C02 hop extracting devices strew out across their lab, they had to wonder if this was meant for less elegant craft beers and more for the big guys (with weaker brews). But this process they began using for the Hop Stoopid proved to produce a much “cleaner,” even sweeter hop taste.

This helps them out in a few different ways. For example, since the hops are extracted and not used in more solid forms, it saves them the mess. No more clogged drains and pumps! No more having to clean up a mountain of vegetative material from the kettle!

But on our side of things, we are given a much more solid, rich flavor. The flavor is full, and it’s sweet and earthy at the same time. This new process is to thank for this awesome flavor.

And the “Double-barrel dose of malt and hops,” of course.

Find Hop Stoopid in DTLV

You can find this Las Vegas beer right here in downtown. Sounds like a pretty good opportunity for Vegas Pub Crawler to take you to some of those local bars.