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VPC Featured Beer of the Month: Arrogant Bastard

What’s hell bent on being aggressive, quality beer? A haughty beer existing as a statement against corporate American beer companies just trying to make a buck? A beer with undue assumption and overbearing conceit? Why, that sounds like Arrogant Bastard, a beer to try out right here in Downtown Las Vegas. It’s been a while, but here’s another beer of the week.

Arrogant Bastard

The conception of Arrogant Bastard started back in 1995 amongst a small group within Stone Brewing. Or, rather…it was discovered. While working on a recipe for Stone Pale Ale, the long fermentation experiment resulted in a brand new beer they did not anticipate.

The attitude of Stone Brewing has always been to bemoan the “tyrannical oppression” of regular, boring yellow beer brewers. Steve Wagner and Greg Koch, who founded both Arrogant Bastard and Stone Brewing, felt that traditional beers weren’t ballsy enough and that everyone was drinking the same light, yellow beers. After they had created Arrogant Bastard, notably darker and bitter in flavor, they naturally felt as though they had stumbled upon something new and different.

It was two years later, on November 1, 1997, when the beer finally became public. Over time, it became very successful. In 2015, Arrogant Bastard branched off into its own company and has only grown to further success.

What makes it delicious?

If you love beer with earthy and “hoppy” tastes, Arrogant Bastard is for you. Not only does it taste like an IPA dug straight out of the dirt, but it also has some nuances. For example, many people describe the taste of their basic stone ale as hoppy, but with citrus and licorice after-tastes. People enjoy the drink as a whole for its chocolatey complexity.

You can find this beer at Commonwealth, right at the tippy top of their beer menu.

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