Vegas Pub Crawler’s Beer of the Week: Tröegs Mad Elf

Delicious chocolate is not the only thing to come out of Hershey, Pennsylvania. The fine people at Tröegs Independent Brewery have released their annual Mad Elf brew that gives a new meaning to elf on the shelf.

Tröegs Independent Brewery was formed by the Trogner brothers, and sold its first pint in 1997. Since the birth of the company they have come up with over 200 different types of craft beers. With innovation and love for craft beers, Tröegs Mad Elf is this week’s Vegas Pub Crawler featured beer.

On tap from mid-October to December, the Mad Elf is the perfect holiday brew this winter. Enjoy this strong dark ale on cold winter days as it will warm you up inside. The ruby red color is an indicator of the strong cherry flavor and is accompanied by raw honey and cocoa with small hints of cinnamon.

Mad Elf is made with chocolate, pilsner and Munich malts to give it a rich flavor pallet but light effects of an ale. Two styles of hops are added to give the bitterness flavor of 15 on the International Bitterness Unit. With an above average 11 percent ABV this holiday drink will definitely get you in the holiday spirit this year. Tröegs mad elf is best served in a chalice glass at 50 to 55 degrees.

Made only during the winter season, Mad Elf is not sold year round so grabbing them while you can is a must. It is also the perfect holiday gift for any beer lover you have in your life.

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