Vegas Pub Crawler: Featured Beer of the Week – Hopped Up On Pills

It is always nice to see a brewing company that is passionate about their craft but also passionate about giving back to the community. This is exactly what you will get with Ex Novo Brewing Company, located in Portland Oregon. These people do things a little differently when it comes to beer, and with a motto of “Drink Beer. Do Good,” it is easy to see why we are making Ex Novo: Hopped Up On Pills, our featured beer of the week.

Ex Novo is the first non-profit brewing company in Portland. You read that right, “Non-Profit.” 100 percent of their net profits are donated to local and nationwide organizations and charities that have a mission to effect positive change both in Portland and around the world.

This concept of giving away their money has not affected the quality of brews in any way. You will still find some of the best brews at Ex Novo brewing company. In order to donate the most possible, they have to have a good quality product that sells. Hopped Up On Pills is one in particular that we wanted to highlight.

One main characteristic of Ex Novo’s is the use of dry hopping. This is the addition of hops at the end of the brewing process in order to enhance flavors. Even though this an IPA style of beer, it has a lowered IBU ranking at 35. By adding the hops at the end of the process, you can retain all of the floral notes without adding any bitterness to the batch. This is perfect for those who want to venture into the IPA world but are not too fond of the bitterness aspect of this style.

It is always special when a brewing company can help out organizations looking to do good in this world. When you drink a pint of Hopped Up on Pills, you can get the satisfaction of knowing your money is going to good use all while enjoying a fantastic brew.

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