Vegas Pub Crawler: Featured Beer of the Week – Green Flash

If you have a hop head, beer lover in your group of friends, you have probably heard non-stop the wonders of the IPA. The bitterness mixed perfectly with the malts giving the perfect amount of bite to the brew. IPAs have become a staple in the craft brew industry, but it can be an acquired taste. Some beer lovers prefer to taste all flavors in a beer and not just the hoppy qualities. Green Flash Brew has come up with an excellent alternative that even hop heads can appreciate.

Check out This Week’s Featured Beer by Green Flash – Passion Fruit Kicker

Passion Fruit Kicker is a mild flavored wheat ale that has been intensified with tropical flavors. Notes of sweet and tart flavors are brought out by the passion fruit tea and juice that is added to the wheat malt and 2-row malted barley. This allows for a mellow blend of bitter and sweet to present a pleasurable taste to your pallet.

There are strong fruity aromas much like you will receive from a traditional IPA, from the passion fruit and Belgian yeasts used in the brew. If you are not a fan of the bitter notes of most beers, Passion Fruit Kicker ranks a five on the IBU scale and a 5.5 percent ABV.

Passion Fruit Kicker is sold all-year-round and can be found at most grocery stores and bars. The next time you hit the bars and pubs of downtown Las Vegas, skip the typical IPAs and try something with a little twist.

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