Unique Bars to Visit on Your Next Las Vegas Pub Crawl

With all the growth of Downtown Las Vegas emerging over the past couple of years, many of the bars that reside on the main streets of DTLV are the most visited establishments in the area. East Fremont houses many popular hotspots such as Park, The Griffin and Commonwealth just to name a few. Because the popularity remains on this short jaunt, other bars that are just off the path tend to be forgotten. But, this isn’t a bad thing because it allows for these establishments to develop a more personal bond with those who find their way to these hidden gems.

Why You Should Venture Off the Beaten Path

If you are looking for a more intimate setting with just as much culture and DTLV character, head to the edges of Downtown Las Vegas. In the Arts District you’ll be able to grab a pint at Artifice, a local hipster hangout. Inside, their comic strip style layout gives a new perspective to the meaning “bar.” Many local artists and bands utilize their creative corner to showcase their talents.

Take Advantage of the Happy Hours

Many of the bars and restaurants that are not located in the main section of Fremont street offer up some of the best happy hours. Stop by and enjoy some great drinks and snacks all while saving money. Like we said before, these places tend to have a more personal feel so be prepared for a conversation with your bartender or local patron taking up the stool next to you.

Pub Crawls are all about creating new experiences and meeting new people. Each pub or bar offers up a new story and adventure that you will be able to look back on later and appreciate. Book your Las Vegas Pub Crawl and experience all the great pubs DTLV has to offer.