‘Tis the Season for a Pub Crawl

‘Tis the Season for a Pub Crawl

Looking for an excuse to get out the house for an evening? Or perhaps you’re hoping to give back to a charity in your local area. Well, here at Vegas Pub Crawler, we believe you should be able to give to those in your area, all while enjoying a fun night out on the town. We have partnered up with Opportunity Village and many Downtown Las Vegas bars to put together a DTLV Santa Crawl.

Join Us in the DTLV Santa Crawl on December 3, 2016

Support Opportunity Village

When we came up with the DTLV Santa Crawl, we aimed to not only provide a fun night for everyone but also provide a chance for us to give back to our community. While promoting businesses for Downtown Las Vegas, we are donating a portion of the proceeds to Opportunity Village.

Make more pub crawls possible

Why shouldn’t Las Vegas experience yearly pub crawl events for people to enjoy? We want to establish a fun tradition that allows locals and visitors to experience what makes this city and the Downtown area so great. We want to use this event as a platform to bring more annual pub crawls to Downtown Las Vegas for every special occasion.

Join in some friendly competition

Currently, Reno NV holds the record for the largest Santa Crawl in the country. We’re looking to take that title. UNLV and UNR currently battle it out for the rights of the cannon, so we feel we should add on another layer of friendly competition when it comes to the Downtown Las Vegas Santa Crawl.

Tickets are available for the low price of $5, but that price won’t last long! Act fast to get the best deal. And remember: a portion of the proceeds will benefit Opportunity Village. Don’t miss out on a night of fun with your friends and a great chance to give back to your community. Purchase your tickets today.