The New Gold Spike

The Gold Spike Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas has been a mainstay since the late 1970s. After countless resales and renovations, it is better than ever and one of the most fun places to visit on a Downtown Las Vegas bar and restaurant tour.

Tony Hsieh bought Gold Spike from The Siegel Group back in April of 2013, and his since made it one of the focal points of his Downtown Project. In a bold move, Hsieh removed the casino from the Gold Spike and instead turned it into a 24/7 hangout space with a bar, restaurant and backyard area. It was an innovative idea for Las Vegas, but one that has paid off as the new atmosphere at the Gold Spike has been working for it. Inside the living room area, guests will find pool tables, cornhole, shuffleboard and free wi-fi.

In the backyard area, you’ll find the unique giant beer pong game set up and a relaxing seating area to mingle with some people while sipping on a few cocktails. The bar at the Gold Spike has something for everyone with a wide selection of craft beers and handmade cocktails.

The new Gold Spike in Downtown Las Vegas is a great place to hang out, relax, party it up or even go to get some work done. Additionally, it is a must stop for people wanting to get the most out of their Vegas Pub Crawler experience. For more information on our Vegas pub tours, visit our website and book your pub crawl today!