The Future of Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas has been in a state of exponential growth over the last few years, thanks in large part to The Downtown Project. Currently, the city is working on a master plan to guide the development of Downtown Las Vegas over the next 20 years and the best part is they’re seeking input about what direction to take development. Local residents can go to and take part in deciding what the new Downtown Las Vegas should look like.

There are three main ideas being tossed around currently, each with a slightly different feel to it.

  1. The Legend, Revisited will focus on Las Vegas’ storied history of casinos, cabaret and character and its place as a destination city.
  2. The Diverse City will focus on the urban core of Las Vegas, celebrating the community and its goal of being America’s most livable city.
  3. A Co-Created City, highlighting the idea of a downtown for people building and inspiring a diverse future.

The plans will involve the types of housing, architecture, street design, open space, transportation and more.

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