Staying in Downtown Las Vegas for Your Next Pub Crawl

Downtown Las Vegas is a mecca of Vegas culture that can be found all throughout the Arts District, Fremont Street and the many bars and restaurants that line the walkways. With all this excitement and opportunity, it would make sense to plan your vacation in Downtown Las Vegas. The affordability and instant access to all the amazing sights make Downtown Las Vegas a destination for your vacation all by itself. Check out these fun ways to spend the weekend in DTLV.

Hotels in Downtown Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, there is no shortage of hotels to stay in for the weekend. The best part of staying in Downtown Las Vegas instead of the Strip are the lower prices. You will still be close to all the action and wonders of DTLV without an overpriced stay. Most of the hotels in Downtown Las Vegas have direct entrances to the Fremont Street Experience, placing you in the middle of all the bustling, never ending entertainment. If you are a fan of the MTV show The Real World, you can even book the suite used for the 31st season at the Gold Spike hotel.

Room Sharing Apps

Thanks to smartphones there’s not much we can’t accomplish with just the touch of a few buttons. With the help of applications such as AirBnB, you can find a cool place to stay near downtown Las Vegas in a house or apartment. Choose a single room to rent out, or book the entire space for yourself. While you may not be directly on Fremont Street Experience, you can have the luxury of a full house and the amenities they provide. Depending on the time of year, you can even find rates cheaper than the price of a hotel room.

Las Vegas Hostel

When you hear stories about people backpacking through Europe, many stories involve their time spent in a hostel. Usually, one of two things will run through your head as the story is being told: Either you think that staying in a hostel would be a great experience and a fun way to meet new people, or you would never try that in a million years. If you are one of the former thinkers, you can have that exact experience when visiting Las Vegas. Las Vegas Hostel in Downtown Fremont allows you to stay in a room with other guests for a very reasonable price. Depending on the time of year and how far in advance you book your stay, you can find a room for as little as eight dollars a night.

No matter how you choose to stay in Downtown Las Vegas, one thing that needs to be on your itinerary is a bar crawl with Vegas Pub Crawler. A Downtown Las Vegas bar crawl gives you the opportunity to hit all the best spots DTLV has to offer while riding a stylish and fun Pub Cycle. Don’t miss out and book your tour today with Vegas Pub Crawler.