Speakeasy Bars in Downtown Las Vegas

Organized crime had a lot to do with the founding of Las Vegas. I’m not saying we’re proud of that, but we do have an entire museum dedicated to the mob. The Mob Museum in Downtown Las Vegas has created a digital exhibit explaining prohibition from start to finish.

The exhibit got us thinking about Las Vegas’ history. It inspired us to find out where we can get a prohibition-style cocktail around here during a pub crawl. What’s better, we found out it’s in Prohibition-inspired speakeasy bars all throughout DTLV.

Through Doors that Look Like Walls, We Found the Best!

The Laundry Room

The Laundry Room is one of the worst kept secret speakeasy bars in Downtown Las Vegas. However, it makes the list because gaining admittance remains a challenge. Once you’re in, though, it’s brilliant. Located through a sliver in the wall under the staircase of another bar is a trip back to 1920.Downtown Las Vegas Speakeasy

There’s limited seating and unlimited craft. The barkeep will make a Prohibition-era drinks all night based on your favorite flavors and scents. Good luck figuring out how to make a reservation!

365 Tokyo

Not exactly prohibition-style, 365 Tokyo is styled after the service customs of Japan. It makes the list because it holds only 10 people at a time and requires a membership for admittance. Along with your nine closest members-only friends, you are privy to quite a show. Bartenders craft cocktails to your taste and offer Las Vegas’ only artisanal ice service.

The Lady Sylvia

If you prefer to sip your cocktail in a library with your friends on mismatched couches, The Lady Sylvia is for you! You can choose literary cocktails from the menu like “Jane Austen,” “The Kipling,” or “A Flannery O’Connor.” No membership or reservation is required. You just have to find the door with #140 painted next to it and you’re in!

The List Doesn’t End Here

We’ve kept a few secrets from you, so we’ll have something to show when you visit Vegas Pub Crawler! Book today to find your new favorite drinking spot.