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Tony Hsieh has been using Downtown Las Vegas as his personal playground with the Downtown Project creating and transforming the area into a fun and unique area for locals and tourists to enjoy. One popular spot you’ll find many locals and tourists enjoying some handcrafted cocktails and oversized games is Gold Spike.

Gold Spike and its nearby hotel first opened up in 1976 and since its birth has seen many transformations. Today, Gold Spike stands as a staple stop for those traveling through Downtown Las Vegas.

Gold Spike: the Perfect Place to End Your DTLV Pub Crawl

What was once a place to enjoy a few cheap drinks and gamble at the slot machines is now a home to hipsters and those looking to lounge around with friends. While you can no longer try your luck on slot machines, you can still enjoy some delicious handcrafted cocktails at the Gold Spike bar.

The inside of Gold Spike has a lounge area where you can sip on your cocktails and interact with friends over a game of Guess Who. You can also partake in some bar games such as pool and darts.

Once you step outside in the backyard, instantly transport into an adult playground. The backyard of Gold Spike houses a plethora of fun and over-sized games such as trashcan beer pong, cornhole, oversized Jenga and probably the most popular game, four square. On the weekends, you can even enjoy the sounds of live music in the back and a DJ spinning in the lounge.

Gold Spike bar and hotel offers a perfect end to your eventful Downtown Las Vegas bar crawl. Book today and let us show you a great time in DTLV.