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People You’ll Meet on Your Downtown Las Vegas Bar Crawl

It doesn’t matter if you’re simply visiting Las Vegas or if you’ve lived here your whole life—we all understand by now that running into some interesting people in Vegas is inevitable. When traveling the Strip, you’ll most likely see a flood of tourists fixated like moths to the bright neon lights and gigantic resort hotels. You won’t find too many Vegas locals trekking the famous (and infamously confusing) Boulevard, unless they’re walking to work. To find the most diverse characters of tourists, locals, and human-like creatures, you’ll need to head to Downtown Las Vegas. Don’t worry; these DTLV people aren’t going anywhere.

DTLV People You Will (Want to) Encounter in DTLV

The hipster

Of all the people of Downtown Las Vegas, there’s none more magical than the hipster. If you ever find yourself in the company of dirty “lumbersexual” nerds (whoa boy), you’ll most likely find yourself at The Griffin. They’ll be sporting a craft beer in one hand and using the other as an expression when talking about existentialism or what current nutrition trend they are following.

While hipsters tend to stay within their group of DTLV people, you should make an effort to converse with them as they usually have some interesting takes on certain subjects. That is, of course, if you can digest all the pedantic over-analyzing of Wes Anderson movies and the nuances of vinyl records.

dtlv people hipster


Just like you would on the Strip, you can usually spot tourists because they will have their heads up to the lights or whatever landmark or local street art is nearby. They’re almost never looking ahead, and they stick out like a sore thumb. 100%, they WILL be taking pictures. Everywhere they go, they will find something they just have to capture instead of just being present and enjoying their vacations, or whatever. These camera slaves will definitely always ask you to take a picture for them, no matter what you’re doing like you don’t already have to be somewhere.

Between taking pictures and breathing, tourists might humor you with a conversation and swap stories. Use this opportunity to ask where they’re from or why they’re in town. You may also use this opportunity to play tour guide and suggest some other fun activities to do in Las Vegas. Or, you know, treat these DTLV people to a drink.

dtlv people tourists

Fremont performers

One thing you can count on during your DTLV bar crawl is the opportunity to see some interesting street performers. You will witness a diverse number of acts from dancers, musicians, speechless silver men you’re not allowed to touch, and people playing dress up in eccentric and raunchy costumes, ready for a picture.

These DTLV people are the heart and soul of Las Vegas—they represent everything this great city is: talent, fearlessness, transience, and often times, complete nuttiness. Check out the many acts along the Fremont Street Experience, and if you especially enjoy the show, you can spare a dime.

dtlv people performers


If you are visiting Las Vegas, make nice with the locals. You can spot us easily, as we usually aren’t walking in awe staring at the Viva Vision light show, and we look like we’re dead on the inside. Locals are used to the environment and are probably headed straight to the bars, where we spend most nights.

Befriending locals will allow you to learn all the top secrets and great deals DTLV has to offer. They can also make some suggestions of other activities you should participate in while on your vacation. Under our cold, bitter exteriors, there is a person who was, at one point, just like you. So, feel free to start a conversation and even ask a few questions.

dtlv people locals

DTLV People in a Bar Crawl

Downtown Las Vegas is a great melting pot of different people from different walks of life, and while on your bar crawl with Vegas Pub Crawler, you will have the opportunity to meet some new people. Check out these Las Vegas bars, where you will meet a ton of weird, unique DTLV people.