nevada day celebration

Nevada Day Celebration, the Right Way

Nevada Day is coming up, and we’re getting excited. You know why? Because a celebration in Nevada is a celebration unlike anything any other state could do. In fact, it’s considered the biggest celebration of statehood in all the U.S. Here are the best ways to have a Nevada Day celebration in Las Vegas.

The History of Nevada Day

For those unfamiliar with what Nevada Day is exactly, it’s the day this wild west territory entered the Union and became a state. Just a few years prior, people didn’t know much about this territory, as very few lived here.

It wasn’t until the discovery of gold and silver in 1859 when people started to show up and, within two years, Nevada was an official territory. It was only three years later in 1864 when it was brought in as a state. That’s quite the boom in such a short amount of time.

The first recorded Nevada Day celebration came around 1873, when they had a banquet, officially celebrating Nevada’s “birthday.”

The 20th celebration gave birth to the tradition of Nevada Day parades, arguably the most popular Nevada Day event.

The Best Nevada Day Celebration Today

Lucky for us, Nevada’s 153rd birthday comes on the eve of everyone’s favorite spooky holiday, Halloween. If you’ve ever wanted to celebrate a week-long Halloween, Nevada is the place to do it for its multi-holiday October.

This year, Nevada Day will land on the 27th, giving us a good stretch of holiday celebrations. Year after year, thousands show up (seriously, thousands) to see the Nevada Day celebration parade in Carson City. While Carson City is about a six-hour drive from Vegas, it is Nevada’s capitol—yet, there are still places to go to celebrate Nevada Day in Las Vegas.

While Carson City has things like rock drilling contests, beard contests, live performances, and other kid-friendly events, a Nevada Day celebration for the big kids awaits in Las Vegas. Here are some places you can go.

Atomic Liquors

What better way to celebrate Nevada Day than to celebrate Nevada’s crazy history at this classic bar? Located in DTLV, this bar was where all the classic Vegas characters hung out to enjoy the world famous Atomic Cocktails.

Classic Jewel

Speaking of classic, this cocktail lounge is classy and sexy. Enjoy some great drinks and live performances! It’s everything a Nevada Day celebration is supposed to be.

Gold Spike

“Gold” and “Spike” are both Nevada Day historical keywords, so there’s something! The drinks are decently priced and there are so many games to play!

Bin 702

I’m sure they’re celebrating Nevada Day at Container Park. They’ve gotta be, right? Anyway, Bin 702 is there.

A Sort of “Nevada Day Parade”

The best way to visit these bars is on the back of a human-powered vehicle. You can schedule with the Vegas Pub Crawler a visit to all of these DTLV bars in one night, so book your tour now!