colorful cocktails lined up on the bar

The Top Most Interesting Drinks in Vegas

Viva Las Vegas! The city that never sleeps has nightlife like no other, and an endless amount of options to choose from. Bars, pubs, tourist traps, and distilleries all vying for the attention of the public eye. With so much clientele to go around, businesses need to start getting picky with their poisons to make the most of their customer’s nights out.

Scorpion Shot – Nacho Daddy

Found off the strip in all the major areas, Nacho Daddy boasts a sizeable Tequila shot with a charming little friend waiting inside. Quality tequila in a novelty glass all rounded out by the real scorpion that’s reportedly so large that you need to chew to get it down. Absolutely not for the faint of heart – it takes an iron will to make it through. Makes for a perfect bar bet or fantastic flex on your friends, though!

Crazy Hagar – Guy Fieri Vegas Kitchen + Bar

The Mayor of Flavortown, the Sultan of Spice, the Duke of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives himself boasts a menu chock full of good eats and powerful libations at his location near the Linq. To pair nicely with his food fit for a king, he invites you to pair it with a mojito-inspired beer cocktail like no other. Surprisingly simple yet effective, and as festive as everything you’d dream it would be!

Porch Pounders – PBR Rock Bar and Grill

Situated comfortably in the Miracle Mile Shops next to the Cosmopolitan, the PBR Rock Bar and Grill boasts the kind of atmosphere and frankly irresponsible decadence you’d expect from Sin City. On top of the attractive offer of smokehouse favorites, pub food classics, and breakfast to start your day rocking, they offer enough fun for a whole party. Porch Pounders, as they’re so aptly named, are served either in 15 oz, 50 oz, or 100 oz glasses. You read that right – we even bolded it so you’d be as shocked as we are. They come in a number of fun flavors, including our personal favorite “It’s Vegas, B*tch!” – a strong but sweet cocktail adorned with a little silver tiara.

Pop’s Secret – Velveteen Rabbit

Another downtown favorite was voted recently as the bar with the “most unique libations” in Las Vegas – an impressive title to hold no doubt! They flex a menu full of some of the most interesting, decadent, and unique drinks out there, but probably one of the most unnaturally alluring ones we could find would be this popcorn-flavored drink! A deceptively simple solution of popcorn mezcal, Liquore Strega, lemon fennel bitters, and paprika that’s bound to leave you blown away with its depth of flavor.

Mr. Lucky’s Breakfast Bloody Mary – Mr. Lucky’s

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is an off-the-strip favorite that doesn’t take you too far out from the heart of the action but still keeps you close enough to savor all the richness you’d expect from your Vegas-cation. We’ve all seen these titans of Bloody Mary legend adorned with an entire meal’s worth of accouterments, but this one makes its claim by being breakfast-themed! Bloody Mary, shrimp cocktail, beef jerky, an entire deviled egg, obligatory celery, pepperoni, and a tasty-looking sausage, bacon, and cheese waffle slider. Probably enough to make the morning after a lot easier. Maybe. We don’t know how hard you party.

Spicy Pineapple Punch – Minus5 Ice Experience

A pineapple punch with a twist doesn’t sound too interesting at first glance, but as showbiz knows – it’s the presentation that’s everything. Sweet and spicy, but in a glass made of ice. In a room covered in ice. Because everything’s actually FREAKIN’ FROZEN. Boasting 2 locations along the Strip. Minus5 is probably the absolute best way to beat the heat with something sweet. Come on inside and they’ll fit you with gloves, coat, and a hat so you can chill out and kick back in style. The Spicy Pineapple Punch keeps it simple yet effective with a perfect dance of ice and fire for your tongue. Anything to beat the Mojave heat gets our thumbs up!

Nakalele Knockout – Frankie’s Tiki Room

A love letter to the Vegas of the past, Frankie’s Tiki Room serves to serve up spirits with sass and a whole lot of atmosphere. There’s a big reason it’s considered the 9th Hawaiian Island, and spots like this just make the comparison all the more complete. One of our favorites at this charming hut has to be the Nakalele Knockout – and the description on the menu says so much more than we ever could. “This tangy refresher of rums, hibiscus and lime pay tribute to the human sacrifices once offered to the namesake blowhole on Maui. Drink one and count your blessings. Drink two and watch your step.” Absolutely stellar.

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