Life is Beautiful 2015: Downtown Las Vegas Shuts Down for Annual Festival

This past weekend, the sound of music was filling the air in Downtown Las Vegas as  Life Is Beautiful 2015 swept through the city and as quickly as it came, swept away.  

The annual festival features music, food, art and inspirational speakers. At least 30,000 people came out each day for the festival, which spanned 11 downtown blocks and shut down much of the area’s traffic, making it easier to make it to those much needed pub crawls (insert VPC link here). And if you were in town, or in downtown Las Vegas for a bachelor or bachelorette party, the Life is Beautiful festival made for the perfect precursor.

Esther Carter was back at the festival for the third year in a row.

“Not very often can you go to a music festival and that’s the actual opening act for the [bachelorette] party that you’re ending up at. And it’s right in the heart of downtown Las Vegas,” said Carter.

“Once you get inside the gates, you completely lose track of where you are, you don’t realize you’re right behind the El Cortez or some of the other buildings that are downtown.” 

When you think of big music festivals, cheap lager and unpaved landscaping might come to my mind. Life Is Beautiful is just the complete opposite as it features some of the best award-winning food, best drinks, and the best downtown Las Vegas bars to visit.

Kevin Portillo and Fernando Blanco made the trip from San Diego to take part in the festival.

“I’m pumped up. I’m ready to see Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar. I’m ready for all of it,” exclaimed Portillo.

“Major Lazer is gonna knock the pants off this place, honestly,” said Blanco.

The event drove a momentous amount of support from locals and visitors alike, something the downtown area was in critical need of just a few years back.

“Love life. That’s what it’s all about,” said Portillo.

“It just gives you such a great warm feeling. I mean it really is all about Life is Beautiful,” noted Carter.

Exact audience numbers have yet to be released for the downtown Las Vegas art and music festival, but attendance was expected to be in the tens of thousands. With the festival now behind us, we at Vegas Pub Crawler can get back to what we do best – downtown bar and pub tours! Contact us to make your reservation and see why 30,000 people just can’t get enough of the new Downtown Las Vegas.