Las Vegas Tourism Gets Jump in September

Las Vegas sees millions of tourist each month from all over the world, but last month Las Vegas attracted over 3.5 million visitors. A six percent jump from last month, means great things for the city of Las Vegas. The more people who make the trip to Sin City the more revenue Las Vegas is able to bring in to improve and grow. Las Vegas sees a sharp rise when big events like Electric Daisy Carnival and the Consumer Electronic Show comes into town attracting hundreds of thousands of attendees despite the hundred plus degree weather over the summer. Many factors contribute to an increase in tourist activity and one reason could be the improvement of Downtown Las Vegas.

September was an exciting month for Downtown Las Vegas that sparked a higher than normal rate of tourism. The third annual Life is Beautiful festival was held the 25th through the 27th and hosted over 60,000 people. Life is Beautiful contains everything you could hope to imagine in a festival. Headliners such as Kendrick Lamar, Imagine Dragons, Duran Duran and Stevie Wonder took the stage each night and world famous artists literally painted the town red displaying their artwork on the sides of building walls. Lets not forget the incredible culinary options that were available to munch on in between sets.

An announcement of the filming of MTV: “The Real World” in Downtown Las Vegas peaked the interest of many patrons. The cast is currently housed atop the Gold Spike hotel and bar and makes numerous appearances at the bar and other hot spots in Downtown Las Vegas. Gold Spike has used this as an opportunity to promote new events the past couple weeks. This Wednesday it held a neon zombie rave with the cast of the Real World making a star appearance. Gold Spike is hoping to continue to host numerous themed parties and spark new traditions.

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