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Having Your Las Vegas Bachelor or Bachelorette Party with Vegas Pub Crawler

Every year, millions flock to Las Vegas to celebrate their wedding in some way. Whether it’s for a fancy Las Vegas-style bachelor party, bachelorette party, or the wedding itself, the city of sin is a very popular destination for celebrating eternal love.

Here’s an idea: give the Strip a break! Take your party downtown and spend some time with the best bars of DTLV. You can cover the pub cycle in decorations to let everyone know that you’re here to celebrate! Our Vegas Pub Crawler bike will be your designated driver, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the drinks for your bachelor or bachelorette party.

Getting Married in Vegas? Party with Us!

Don’t waste time searching for bars

You aren’t from here. You’ve come to enjoy all our city has to offer and are hoping for a movie-quality experience for your Las Vegas bachelor or bachelorette party. Relying on your own bar-finding skills just isn’t going to deliver. Our guides know the best bars each night of the week and can tell you about the atmosphere, drinks, and crowds to expect.


Don’t waste time wandering in and out of bars you’ve never heard of while walking right past the hidden door to the best speakeasy in town! Our pub crawls to downtown Las Vegas are the best guides for your wedding party.

Bring all of your friends

We can accommodate up to 15 people to celebrate the bride or groom. If you have a larger bachelor party than that, contact us to discuss scheduling two simultaneous crawls.

The Best Downtown Las Vegas Bachelor Party

At Vegas Pub Crawler, we host specialty tours. That includes throwing a bachelor party tour that gives you the best downtown Las Vegas bachelor party scenario. Get as creative with it as you want. You can dress up and even decorate the Pub Crawler to celebrate the occasion. While sailing down Fremont, you’ll be showing the world just how much fun you’re having on your bachelor party.

Try to CONTAIN yourself at Bin 702

Why not take your boys down to Container Park and order a cocktail at Bin 702? Not only do they have a wide cocktail selection but they’re also well known for their wine. If you’re looking for a bite to eat (while in a group of guys, this is guaranteed at some point), Bing 702 also has a great selection of food.

Sip on some history at Atomic Liquors

Atomic Liquors has quite the interesting history, being the oldest free-standing bar in Las Vegas. In a town where things are up and down in a matter of years, Atomic Liquors has survived like a cockroach in an atomic bomb.

Although it was shut down for a few years, it has been reopened by a group of locals, and it’s been more booming than ever! You can sip some Atomic Cocktails, shoot an F-Bomb, and enjoy the atmosphere and the historic landmark if that’s what you and the guys are into.

Kick back at the classic Gold Spike

This casino/bar/hotel is on everyone’s list and for good reason. Having been around since 1976, Gold Spike is one of those places you’ll hear about when someone visits DTLV. It’s big, beautiful, and full of handmade cocktails and all the gaming options you could hope for.

From pool to beer pong to board games to gambling, there are so many gaming options at Gold Spike. It also features a lounge area where you and your party can sit down, hand out, and catch up. All these gestures make it a perfect downtown Las Vegas bachelor party location.

The Best Downtown Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

While your man is out with his friends on his party, you and your crew need to up the ante. The goal is to find the best bars for a bachelorette party and pull off a Las Vegas party better and harder than any bachelor ever could. Luckily, you have a few extra tricks up your sleeve, and you know where to go: downtown Las Vegas. So here’s to the best DTLV bachelorette party.

The Vegas Pub Crawler tours are custom. That means we take you to the bars you want to go to. The best bachelorette party scenario is the one you’ve hand-picked, so let’s take a look at some of your options.

Indulge at Artifice

You like art. Of course, you do, because who doesn’t? Now you and the girls can enjoy wonderful artwork while sipping cocktails—or going hard and taking a ton of shots. Whichever you prefer. The point is, Artifice is the perfect combo of sophisticated and quirky, so be sure to add this to your itinerary.  

Get traditional at the Classic Jewel

There’s nothing wrong with the classics. Especially if it’s in style. This bar is modeled after traditional 50’s bars that celebrate Las Vegas’ golden age. The seating ehre is a comfortable plush and the atmosphere, sexy—this spot is the perfect place to unwind at the beginning of your DTLV bachelorette party.  

Ladies can get rough too at Hogs and Heifers

Known for its unapologetically crude environment, Hogs and Heifers is a place of high energy, cheap drinks, and one of the best party vibes in DTLV. If you plan your downtown Las Vegas bachelorette party here, expect to get roasted by the bartenders. Don’t worry; it’s all part of the fun. Make sure you bring a wad of cash with you since it’s cash only.

Dinner and a show with Triple George Grill

If you spend your DTLV bachelorette party at The Smith Center watching a show, expect the Triple George Grill to have a drink coinciding with it. Not only do you get a variety of greatly priced drinks, but you can also eat a wide range of foods ranging from BBQ to seafood. Happy hour is 4 pm to 7 pm, so gather the girls and head on over.

Co-Ed Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

In case you don’t want to separate from your significant other, might we suggest a co-ed bachelor and bachelorette party? Yes, it’s a thing—a quite popular thing. Earlier when we said you can separate into two groups if your party is too large, you can try that here. Or, if you have a handful of people each, both parties will have no trouble fitting on the pub cycle.

Stop Procrastinating, Best Man/Maid of Honor

Need some Las Vegas bachelor or bachelorette party ideas? Don’t wait until the last minute to reserve your pub crawl for your or your friend’s big day. Book a pub crawl this wedding season!