las vegas arts district bar hopping

Las Vegas Arts District Bar Hopping

Bar Hopping in Las Vegas’ Arts District is one of Las Vegas’ hidden treasures as it is often overlooked. Alive with unique bars, art galleries, coffee shops, and restaurants, the Arts District aims to immerse you in a more local lifestyle. Falling in between Vegas’ major attractions, The Strip and Downtown Fremont, many miss what amazing attractions it provides. Vegas Pub Crawler presents those the opportunity to tour the Arts District and dip into all it has to offer. 

Booking the Arts District tour, you have the opportunity to visit a variety of bars found in the Arts District. This includes bars such as Classic Jewel, Rebar, Artifice, Rick’s Tavern, Berlin, Hops and Nuts, Velveteen Rabbit, and Cornish Pasty. Each bar is unique in design and what they offer. Classic Jewel is a nightclub pub and grub with cocktails and hookah. Rebar is a more hip hangout decorated with antiques and offers various beer eats and drinks. Artifice provides a dance floor with live music and DJ’s and a fun drink selection. Rick’s Tavern features Rick Harrison of the TV show “Pawn Stars” and is a BBQ joint. Berlin provides a more European experience with drinks, music, and has an excellent culinary selection. Hops and Nuts is a brewery that provides a wide variety of beers to try. The Velveteen Rabbit can be described as a cozy bar that serves craft cocktails. Lastly, Cornish Pasty is a great place to enjoy a delectable pasty and a beer. 

COVID-19 has had a great effect on Las Vegas, especially areas such as the Art’s District. Made up of many locally owned small businesses, they took a hard hit in regards to the lockdown. Some businesses such as Rebar, temporarily closed in response to the stay at home mandate. A grant program was provided to small businesses for financial support in areas such as the Arts District. In spite of businesses being closed, the Arts District still aimed to keep the area alive with craft. Many different artistic elements and pieces have been brought to the Arts District, making it a fun and bright new environment after the pandemic. 

Vegas Pub Crawler is the only way to bar hop in Las Vegas and provides a great means of immersing oneself deeper into the community. Vegas Pub Crawler not only helps show more of the Vegas community, but also has a special relationship with the different bars that are visited. Those who bar hop with Vegas Pub Crawler get to visit 4 to 5 of the unique bars and have access to drink specials that are set up at most of the bars for those riding with us. 

Progressing forward after this pandemic, there is much in store for the Arts District. Potential for new shops, galleries, bars, and breweries arises and the community is only going to continue to grow. Vegas Pub Crawler looks forward to new bars in the future and expanding the routes for the pub crawl in order to further introduce and immerse those into a special side of the Las Vegas community. To book a tour with Vegas Pub Crawler, click on the hyperlink to be redirected to the website where you can find contact information for the bike and book now to begin your Vegas adventure!