Instagram-Worthy Locations in Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas is a unique local hotspot that offers sights and activities for everyone. While you are on your DTLV pub crawl with Vegas Pub Crawler, you will be able to stop at some of the best bars and attractions Downtown Las Vegas possesses. The best way to remember all the fun times you will have with your friends as you explore Downtown is by taking pictures. Along the tour, stop and capture some Instagram-worthy pics to share with everyone.

Iconic Spots to Snap a Picture in DTLV

Atomic Liquors

Make sure to capture a photo at the oldest freestanding bar in Las Vegas. Atomic Liquors first opened up in 1952 and was the place many flocked to enjoy great cocktails and to witness the mushroom clouds at the atomic testing site 50 miles down the road. During its prime years, you would have been able to catch some Las Vegas legends such as Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack enjoying a drink after performing.

Container Park

This oasis of shipping containers housing trendy boutique shops is the perfect place to capture a moment. Guarding the entrance to the park is a large, fire-breathing praying mantis. Standing at 40 feet tall and 30 feet wide, the mantis was originally constructed for the Burning Man festival by aerospace engineer and artist, Kirk Jellum. It will be hard to miss the mantis as the flames can reach up to six stories high.

Million Dollar Stacks

Feel like a high roller, even if just for a second, at Binions Casino. There, you will be able to take a picture behind a large stack of hundred dollar bills encased in glass. Seeing that money up close and personal will make you start thinking about what you could do with a million dollars.

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