How Downtown Las Vegas is Becoming a Lot Like Brooklyn

Let’s face it – Downtown Las Vegas hasn’t always been known as the hip spot to be. In Vegas’s early years, it was the go-to spot to gamble, hang out and do more. The Strip as we know it today didn’t exist and was nothing but desert land so downtown was the only place people went to hang out or pub crawl (people bar-hopped back then, too, right?). Today, Downtown Las Vegas is a mecca for millennials, hipsters and tech gurus alike as they traverse the streets for work in the day and pub crawl the streets after the sun sets.

If things continue to develop in Downtown Las Vegas like they have been doing thanks to the Downtown Las Vegas Project, which is funded by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, DTLV (as the young ones are abbreviating it to nowadays) is poised to become what some are calling the next Brooklyn.

What the Downtown Las Vegas Project has essentially done is made Fremont Street, the main hub for young people where they can bar hop, shop or simply enjoy the street performers that showcase their skills throughout the day. Fremont Street has essentially become the Bedford Ave. of Las Vegas – a place where hipsters and all of those with some sort of fashion sense meet up with their bespectacled-faced friends and coworkers.

DTLV, much like Brooklyn provides a nice space away from the hustle and bustle of the Strip and provides a milder alternative. Las Vegas locals tend to flock there while curious out-of-towners venture to the new and trendy downtown area generally based on the suggestion of a friend. Simply put, Downtown Las Vegas is the place to be and we can give you a bar tour of the area so you can see just what we’re talking about. Book your Vegas Pub Crawl today!