drinking on a diet

Here’s How You Can Drink while on a Diet

It’s been long said that if you’re on a diet and want to lose weight, you should abstain from alcohol. But what if that’s not entirely the case? What if you can drink alcohol and live a healthy lifestyle all at the same time? Drinking on a diet is entirely do-able. Here’s why:

Tips for Drinking on a Diet

First and foremost, the best advice you can get when it comes to drinking is to do so in moderation. This goes double for when you’re on a diet. The less you drink, the better. Doctors recommend that certain people shouldn’t drink at all. Generally, these tips for drinking on a diet are meant for everyone.

Watch calorie intake

If you’re drinking on a diet, watch out for the sugary cocktails. Those are the ones that get ya. Think about mojitos or margaritas—typically, the more ingredients in the drink, the more calories you’re drinking. Some diet safe booze drinks are usually wines, clear liquors, and light beers. Careful with the beer, though—a 5% pint of beer is about 215 calories. Drinking about five pints a week adds up to be over 44,000 calories a year.

Don’t drink on an empty stomach

You shouldn’t drink on an empty stomach because alcohol can lower your blood sugar. This can be detrimental because it could make you hungrier instead of holding you off. It also keeps your body from burning fat temporarily. Drinking on an empty stomach can also make you very sick.

Drink less

Going back to calories, even having one beer is the equivalent of having a slice of pizza. If you’re on a diet, even one slice might not be a good idea. Doctors recommend drinking wine if you’re on a diet and really wanting to drink. If you’re going to drink wine, go for a wine spritzer—they’re safer alcohol diet drinks.

Have a Lite Drink Downtown

If you’re on a diet and looking to drink, there are options. Head on down to some Downtown Las Vegas bars and get yourself some lite drinks!