Downtown Mob Museum Adds New Exhibit

Downtown Las Vegas’ Mob Museum is a world-class experience that allows visitors a unique and thrilling look at organized crime. The museum recently announced they would be opening up an exhibit dedicated to the recent scandal regarding FIFA. The exhibit will be a permanent fixture at the museum beginning on September 1 and will be called, “The ‘Beautiful Game’ Turns Ugly.”

At a glance, the inclusion of this international sports scandal can seem slightly out of place at a museum dedicated to the Mob, but The Mob Museum’s official name reads The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement. The FIFA Scandal this year has been one of the most publicised incidents of the year and is well deserving of its own space in the Downtown museum dedicated to organized crime.

Including an exhibit dedicated to the FIFA Scandal will hopefully help generate more interest in the museum from tourists in town from places like the UK and Mexico. The exhibit is set to include photographs and media clippings that will guide patrons of the museum through the secrecy and match-fixing that generated so much negativity towards the governing body of the world’s most popular sport.

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