Gold Spike Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas Spotlight: Gold Spike

Over the years, Downtown Las Vegas has undergone an image change and nowadays aims to attract not only locals but tourists to the area. One of the more popular spots, Gold Spike, in particular, has done a complete 180 degrees from its origins. Gold Spike is the latest hot spot in Downtown Las Vegas attracting hipsters and those looking to lounge out and engage in a playful environment.

Back in the Day

First opening in 1976, Gold Spike was a place for those who were looking for a cheap, quality drinks and a place to try their luck at the slots. Since its beginnings, Gold Spike has seen many different owners, each with their own visions and wants. Following the processes of the Downtown Project, initiated by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, Gold Spike has remodeled to become a trendy hangout space with something to offer each visitor.

What You can Expect to See at Gold Spike Today

If you were old enough to enter into Gold Spike when it first opened up in 1976, We’re sorry but it may not look or feel the same at all. One of the main changes to the venue in the past years is the banning of smoking inside and the removal of all slot and gaming machines. You may not find a Don Draper at the bar enjoying a cigarette and an Old Fashioned. Instead, you will find hipsters lounging on the couches enjoying the free Wi-Fi.

On the weekends, patrons of Gold Spike will be able to enjoy a live DJ in the lounge area and a live band rocking out in the back patio. When you head out to the back patio, you are instantly met with life-size versions of your favorite games you played as a kid. They have something for everyone, including Jenga, Connect Four, Four Square and chess. You can also enjoy some drinking games such as four player beer pong.

Downtown Las Vegas has been stepping up their image and changing the environment of the area in a positive way. The best way to see the new revamped DTLV is with a pub crawl from Vegas Pub Crawler. For information on how you can book your tour of Downtown Las Vegas, visit our website today.