Downtown Las Vegas Spotlight: Backstage Bar and Billiards

Downtown Las Vegas has something great to offer everyone. When you book your Downtown Las Vegas bar crawl, you will be able to visit many different establishments that all offer up a unique feel and environment. Play life-size Jenga, chess and other games at Gold Spike, or head over to Park for some upscale drinks and a chance to snap a picture on their outdoor teeter totter. Lounge with your friends while listening to some excellent indie music over at the Griffith, or dance to today’s top hits at Beauty Bar.

No matter what your style, one place that you need to visit on your next Downtown Las Vegas bar crawl is Backstage Bar and Billiards.

Located right across from El Cortez hotel and casino, “Triple B” has the features that every great rock bar should include. A full selection of spirits sit behind the bar along with many different beers on tap, so no matter what you’re drinking you’ll have options. If you are looking to shoot some pool, this is the place you want to be. The cool blue and neon lighting sets the perfect stage to rack ‘em up and break.

Speaking of stages, Backstage Bar and Billiards is the premiere spot for live music and entertainment in Downtown Las Vegas. You will not find a more eclectic selection of rock music in any other bar in the area as DJ Lethal, Co-owner and resident DJ has collected a half a million dollars worth of music and memorabilia that is showcased throughout the bar.

When you step into Backstage Bar and Billiards you will feel as if you just left Las Vegas and were transported to Brooklyn, Portland, Chicago and many other rock ‘n roll cities across the U.S. When Planning your Downtown Las Vegas bar crawl, make sure “Triple B” is on your list.