Creative Themes for Your Downtown Las Vegas Pub Crawl

Taking a pub crawl of Downtown Las Vegas is a great excuse to get all your friends together for a night of fun and adventure. With Vegas Pub Crawler, you never have to worry about who the designated driver is, slaving away, driving the group from place to place. Just hop on the 15 person pub cycle and peddle your way through DTLV. As if rocking out to your own tunes on a giant bike with all your friends wasn’t fun enough, there are ways to taking your pub crawling to the next level by creating a theme.

Themes are a great way to get everyone into the spirit of participating in the experience of the pub crawl, and make the experience personalized and memorable. Here are some excellent examples of possible themes for your next Downtown Las Vegas pub crawl:


Jump into the game of Monopoly by dressing up as your favorite game piece and traveling around to each property (bar). Designate each bar as a property and assign a value of the property to determine the quality of drink you get. For example, Baltic Avenue may warrant a beer from the tap while Boardwalk represents a good quality, craft cocktail. Just remember, there are no such things as “get out jail free” cards in real life.

Photo Challenges

At the beginning of the pub crawl, everyone gets a disposable camera to use throughout your Downtown Las Vegas pub crawl. At each location, take pictures of each other or with random friends you meet at the bars. At the end of the night, one person collects all the cameras to get them developed. You’ll have a great time posing for pictures and an excellent scrapbook to remember your night, even if you blacked out.

Classic Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for many interesting characters and cosplay. Take this opportunity to dress up as your favorite Las Vegas celebrity and hit the streets of Downtown Las Vegas in style. There can never be enough Elvis’s in Las Vegas. Serenade the group dressed as Sinatra or your favorite showgirls. Warning: you may get stopped to take some pictures along the way.

Vegas Pub Crawler is the ultimate way to bar hop in Downtown Las Vegas. Whether it is a birthday party, bachelor/bachelorette party, corporate event, wedding party or a date night on the town, there is nothing quite like pub crawling via a pimped-out, multi-rider cycle. For more information on how you can book your DTLV pub crawl, visit our website today.