Outside of Atomic Liquors, neon signs saying “Liquor and Cocktails,” people lined up outside the bar

Crawl to Atomic Liquors for an Out of this World Experience!

Atomic Liquors is the oldest free-standing dive bar in Downtown, Las Vegas created in 1952. They were issued the first-ever package liquor license and off-sales permit. The iconic building has since been renovated, but inside you can see an old floor safe with original documents from 1950. Atomic Liquors is the most chill dive bar downtown. A vintage space age door and bright neon sign welcome you to experience a blast from the past!

Time Traveling back to the 1950s

Atomic Liquors was transformed from Virginia’s cafe to a lively and hip bar; where back in the day you could take your drink up to the roof to watch “mushroom clouds” explode into the air from the nuclear testing site 50 miles away.

Seeing Stars?

At Atomic Liquors you had the chance of running into some of the most well-known celebrities of that time. Stars such as Barbara Streisand, The Rat Pack, and Clint Eastwood would visit Atomic Liquors after their shoots. Streisand was a regular and would stop by every time she was in town to shoot pool. The episode, The Gauntlet, from The Twilight Zone and some scenes from the movie, Casino, were filmed inside Atomic. More recently, Atomic Liquors can be spotted in the car crash scene from Hangover.

Explosive Menu

The dining menu at Atomic Liquors is rather unique. In their “Small Plates” section, options range from Grilled Escarole Salad to a Braised Pork Belly. Their “For the Table” section features wild items such as Seared Halloumi Cheese and Grilled clams. On the “Main Dish” menu you’ll find swordfish and a Cauliflower Steak. Atomic Liquors’ dining menu will launch your taste buds on an adventure they won’t forget! Check out more on the dining menu!

Atomic Alcohol

The draft beers are forever changing inside of Atomic Liquors. This leads to a new experience each time you come back and visit. The Able Baker Atomic Duck and the Boulevard Tank are some of the craft beers that live inside the bar. A creative cocktail the bartenders’ mix is a Spritz Carlton. Rose wine, Aperol, peach, lemon and grapefruit soda come together to make a bubbly drink you can’t resist! Check out the cocktail menu to find the drink that best suits you!

The Ultimate Experience

Atomic Liquors features a large wrap-around bar inside perfect for entertaining large crowds. Outside there is a patio with comfortable seating where you can unwind with your favorite cocktail. This bar sticks to their roots and definitely gives off a groovy 50’s/60’s vibe!

Sour Saturdays

Atomic Liquors will hold festivals from time to time, make sure you stay up to date with their site! Sour Saturday is an event to celebrate how awesome beer is while also showcasing the talented breweries Atomic works with. They often showcase sour beer because of its complexity and all the wild details that go into brewing sour beer. Atomic puts breweries in the spotlight that are not easily accessible in Las Vegas. They do this to promote awareness of the endless beer possibilities.

The Next Sour Saturday!

Mark your calendars on November 9 of this year for the next Sour Saturday! The festival will start at 2 pm and end around 5 pm! You don’t want to miss the unlimited pours of over 50 unique beers!

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