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The Booziest DTLV Bars!

You know those stupid looking three-foot long neon-colored margarita cups they sell for $20 on the Strip with only trace amounts of alcohol in them? Yeah, TOTAL rip-off. That’s why it’s our due diligence to make your Vegas shenanigans worthwhile. Some DTLV bars are not only cheap, but they’re also quite liberal with their alcohol.

You’re gonna need to call a Lyft for this one, because here are some bars that serve A LOT of alcohol.

DTLV Bars with Generous Alcohol Givings

1. Frankie’s Tiki Room

By now, you may have heard about this one. If you’re wanting to get totally smashed while enjoying some tropical, fruity rum drinks, Frankie is your guy. The menu doesn’t take a genius to understand—you basically have up to five “skulls” per drink. The more skulls with the drink means the drunker you’re willing to get. A “skull” pretty universally translates to “death,” which translates to how you’ll feel the next day. It’s all in good fun, though.

2. Champagne’s Cafe

Champagne’s Cafe prides itself on being a cheap bar. Happy Hour means specialty drinks are only $5, and that’s from 7 p.m. ‘til midnight. Furthermore, they have another very unique Happy Hour. From 2 a.m. to 8 a.m. on weekdays, you can get $1 beers. Sounds like they’re catering to the unemployed? Maybe. But who could pass up $1 beer ever?

3. Huntridge Tavern dtlv bars

The king of dive bars, Huntridge Tavern, is known for its cheap booze, awesome crowd, and “real Vegas locals.” This is one of Anthony Bourdain’s favorite DTLV bars, as seen on his show “Parts Unknown.” On the wall, you’ll find the Jameson Century Club, celebrating those who have enjoyed 100 shots of Jameson at their bar.

4. Badlands Saloon

What started as a western themed gay bar, Badlands Saloon has updated its interior design and entertainment. After moving more towards a night club dance party, they haven’t sacrificed the amount of alcohol they serve. It’s one of the few DTLV bars that’s been around for over two decades. If you’re looking for a heavy pour and room to dance, this is your place.

5. Hogs & Heifers

This biker saloon inspired by Coyote Ugly and other “rough” dive bars is a place you wouldn’t go for polite service, but to have fun and get a pretty buzzed. Here, women are encouraged to let loose and “donate” their bras to the pub as a permanent decoration. Don’t think this is your regular Vegas bar experience, as your Strip-ready shirt and tie attire will most likely be made fun of. Again, it’s all part of the fun.

The Best Way to Experience DTLV Bars

Downtown Las Vegas is full of awesome bars with a wide array of drinks and company. Vegas Pub Crawler is the one to take you there, so schedule a DTLV tour with us today.