5 Activities to do in Las Vegas on a First Date

Las Vegas is one of the most unique and exciting places on earth. There are countless activities out there that are perfect to share with someone on a Las Vegas first date. So, if you’re about to take someone out on your first date in the city that never sleeps, here are a few ideas that will help things get off to an excellent start:

You Only Get One Time to Make a First “Date” Impression

Play some games at Gold Spike

If you are looking for Las Vegas date ideas for locals, head downtown to Gold Spike. Yes, you’ll get some pretty strong hipster vibes, but look passed the man-buns, and you’ll see the perfect cheap date idea. The unique thing about this place is they have loads of adult games you can play – no, not “adult” in that way…they’re just jumbo versions of kids games! So, the two of you can break the ice by playing jumbo Jenga and just having fun. It lets you both relax more and enjoy yourselves.

Go to a fun pub crawl

First dates can be awkward as you’ve both got barriers up and you’re also trying not to screw things up at the first attempt. So, to help settle the nerves and make you both feel more relaxed, go on a fun pub crawl in Vegas. There are loads of great downtown Las Vegas bars that have awesome atmospheres and even better drinks. The beauty of this idea is that you become part of a group, so the pressure of the date is off. Plus, it’s a great way to see the best of downtown Las Vegas in one night.

Dinner for two at The Cromwell

The Cromwell is one of Vegas’ many boutique hotels. But, it’s also one of the few places that boast affordable places to eat. So, if you’re looking for fun things to do in Vegas for couples, then head here and go to Eatwell. It’s a little place that sells loads of small dishes, pizza, and tacos. It’s open 24/7 too, so it’s a great place to go after doing one of the other things on this list.

Enjoy a magic show

Besides Las Vegas date night restaurants, think about wowing your date with magic! Vegas is known as the home of magicians. So, make the most of this and enjoy a magic show together. It may sound corny, but the shows here are actually super fun.

They’re ideal for first dates as there are some humor, crazy tricks, and it will definitely throw up a few talking points on the walk home after. Who knows, it may be such a good show that a little bit of magic happens for you after as well.

Relax at a natural hot spring

Want to rip off your clothes on the first date? If so, head to one of the many natural hot springs around Las Vegas. The two of you can sink into the warm water and get chatting while you enjoy some fantastic views. The Arizona Hot Spring is the easiest one to get to from the Vegas strip, so this is where we suggest you head.

A Fun Las Vegas First Date with Vegas Pub Crawler

There you have it; five totally different and entertaining date ideas in Las Vegas. Of course we recommend to let Vegas Pub Crawler set the mood for the perfect first date! But if you take someone on any of these dates, then you’re almost guaranteed to secure date number two!