las vegas corporate event

4 Reasons to Treat Your Employees to a DTLV Corporate Night Out

It’s been a good year so far, and your employees did a good job. Sales are up, and business is good. You feel the staff deserves a little something something. So, how do you show your employees that you appreciate all the work they do? Well, if you’re thinking of treating your employees to some Las Vegas activities, your head’s in the game, and that’s awesome. You want your little Las Vegas corporate event to be something creative and something your employees will never forget. Let’s get down to brass tax.

Why Host a Pub Crawling Las Vegas Corporate Event?

1. Your employees get a cheap vacation

Having your Las Vegas corporate event in DTLV is a win-win. Not only are your employees getting seriously discounted drinks, they get to see the sights. Aside from that obligatory vacation time, they also get treated to the real Las Vegas experience and a downtown tour full of booze, all thanks to you. That being said…

2. They’ll LOVE you

Think about it: they’ll be bragging to their friends about how their totally cool, not at all lame, boss treated them to booze and a bar hopping tour of Downtown Las Vegas where they could let loose and see some incredible and historical stuff. They’ll never stop talking about it for a really long time. It’ll be kind of annoying, but you’ll feel the love and when HR asks…

3. Think of it as “team building”

Okay, just hear me out on this one: the Vegas Pub Crawler is called a “bike” because it has pedals. The pedals make the bike move. You and your staff have to work together to reach your destination. You see where I’m going with this? Team building in a nutshell. Cog in the machine metaphor. Just get them drunk and don’t worry about the logistics. It really is all about having fun and making memories, but most of all…

4. Do it for yourself

You’ve been managing an entire staff of free thinking, individual people and, while they’re super great and definitely deserve a little treat, it was still a lot of work on your part. You’re the one in charge here, so if there’s anyone who needs a drink, it’s you. It’ll also be a great opportunity for you to connect with your employees, get to know them, make them not so afraid of you. After all, you’re superior, but you can pretend you’re just like them for a night. It’ll be nice for you to make friends, just like your mom’s been saying.

Now to Finalize the Deal

Vegas Pub Crawler is a 24/7 gig, so whenever you’re feeling up to it, get your crew on down here to 201 N 3rd Street (I mean, please book first) and have the best Las Vegas corporate event your staff could ask for. We’ll show you it’s the best employee event in Las Vegas, hands down. Send out the memo and plan your experience now.