drinks for a 21st birthday

3 Mandatory Cocktails to Order when You Turn 21

If you’re reading this because it’s your 21st birthday and you need ideas, happy birthday! Now, let’s pretend that you actually waited until you’re of age to start drinking. You need some perfect drinks for a 21st birthday. Hopefully, you and your friends are exciting enough to have a Las Vegas birthday party, but if not, don’t stress—these are some pretty common drinks for more seasoned drinkers that you can get just about anywhere.

The Perfect Drinks for a 21st Birthday

Long Island Iced Tea

Whether or not you’ve been a little bad and drank before your 21st birthday party, you’ve most likely heard of this drink. It’s the milestone drink that ushers every boy into manhood and every girl into powerful womanhood. We’re not talking about a “man’s drink” like scotch or bourbon that your dad says puts hair on your chest. No, we’re talking about the brutal concoction of just about every type of alcohol that “gets you there” fast.

If this is your first time drinking, you’ll be on the floor if you drink it too fast, so we wouldn’t recommend this being your first drink… but then again, yes, we really do recommend this be your first drink. C’mon! It’ll be fun.

Irish car bomb

Many people talk about how ordering their first drink at 21 is scary. It is. You should be pretty freaked out. People are going to look at you like you’re a stack of babies in a trench coat trying to pass as 21. Then, they’ll call the police—unless you order an Irish car bomb. Then, everybody will respect you, and you’ll fit into the bar scene instantly. Especially if your order one for everybody.

Here’s what works for most “bomb” drinks: Sake bomb, Jager bomb, Atom bomb, etc. That’s what makes them perfect drinks for a 21st birthday party: it just makes it an instant party… if you don’t throw up after downing beer and whiskey simultaneously.

“____ and ____”

Whiskey and Rum mixed, interchangeably with coke, ginger ale, or lime soda. Any combination of these cocktails are amongst the most popularly ordered from those novice drinkers. A Jack and coke is perhaps the most humorously infamous 21-year-old drink because it’s so simplistic and easy to order.

Rum and coke is also up there, along with whisky and ginger ale. But if you’re looking for something simple with a little more name power, try the Seven and Seven. It’s the same winning formula: whiskey and soda. But now you can feel confident sounding sophisticated, ordering a Seven and Seven while staying in your comfort zone of a two-part cocktail. These are popular drinks for 21 year olds and up, so you won’t feel like a total noob.

Awww… baby’s first drink order. Don’t forget to tip.

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